OptimumEDGE™ Makes HVAC Energy Efficiency Easy and Affordable

Optimum Energy’s new software module brings state-of-the art HVAC optimization to smaller commercial facilities

Optimum Energy today released OptimumEDGE™, a patented, quickstart HVAC optimization solution that shaves chiller-plant energy use by 13 percent on average—and cuts water use as well—without affecting building operations or occupant comfort.

OptimumEDGE gives commercial building operators affordable access to patented technology in OptimumLOOP™, Optimum Energy’s advanced chiller-plant optimization solution for large commercial facilities. OptimumEDGE is engineered for buildings that have up to three chillers with a combined cooling capacity of 400 to 2,000 tons.

“We’re excited to make our true optimization technology available to a large category of facilities that have not been able to achieve maximum efficiency because products designed for larger facilities just didn’t make sense for them,” said Ben Erpelding, Optimum Energy’s chief technology officer. “OptimumEDGE is an opportunity for small to midsize office buildings, healthcare facilities and other commercial sites to save resources and money—painlessly.”

Top controls integrators Entech Sales and Service, Flutec LP, Sunbelt Controls and Wunderlich-Malec are partnering with Optimum Energy as charter resellers to deliver and install OptimumEDGE.

“OptimumEDGE complements our model of providing our clients with software-based technology for energy savings that fits their sustainability and other green initiatives,” said Brandon Harlan, service and technology manager for Sunbelt Controls. “And Optimum Energy is well known in the industry for its patented technology that maximizes energy reduction in chilled water plants.”

OptimumEDGE uses relational control algorithms to optimize chiller system components in relation to one another in response to real-time building loads and changing ambient and occupancy conditions. Most conventional control technologies optimize components individually to fixed set points—which results in some savings but does not achieve peak efficiency.

Benefits go beyond energy and water savings. OptimumEDGE prevents performance drift and provides valuable insights into plant operations. It also provides anywhere, anytime access to operational data via Optimum Energy’s secure, cloud-hosted OptiCx™ platform. And facilities that install OptimumEDGE can earn LEED and Energy Star points.

OptimumEDGE software runs on a JACE® 8000 controller that operates with Niagara 4, the latest version of Niagara Framework®, ensuring optimal security and performance.

About Optimum Energy
Optimum Energy (http://optimumenergyco.com/) enables campuses, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical plants, data centers and other commercial buildings to cut energy costs and meet sustainability goals by optimizing HVAC systems, the largest consumer of energy in buildings. The company’s cloud-based OptiCx™ Platform and its associated modules reduce an HVAC system’s energy usage and resulting costs by up to 50 percent. The technology also reduces water use in chiller plants, tracks and reports on savings, provides detailed insights into building system operations, and efficiently scales across entire building portfolios. Optimum Energy technology has enabled current customers to save about 500 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, reduce carbon emissions by nearly 290,000 metric tons and save over 100 million gallons of water.

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