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White Paper — Power Monitoring and Control Systems

DownloadPower monitoring and control systems are essential to ensuring the reliability of emergency/backup power systems. And a recent ASCO/Building Operating Management survey of facility executives shows there is a strong desire among facility executives for more power monitoring and control information than they have now. However, many facility executives are not familiar with current technology options and best practices. Products used today for power monitoring and control applications often lack best practices features in such areas as monitoring, control, reporting and power quality analysis. When power management is critical to business operations, the best practice is to use a dedicated critical power management system (CPMS) to monitor, control and analyze emergency power. This white paper reports on the findings of the power monitoring and control survey, highlighting key power monitoring and control capabilities and describing the benefits of those capabilities for facility executives. The white paper gives facility executives an opportunity to learn from the experiences and opinions of their peers.

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