Healthcare facilities have always had a unique set of requirements needed for patient care. During the past year these requirements have changed, and healthcare facilities managers have had to create a new rulebook to ensure the safety and care for both patients and staff. This Summit tackles the important practices needed for healthcare facilities. Topics include infection control procedures, healthcare design trends and healthcare commissioning.


Healthcare Infection Control Post-COVID-19

Shari Solomon, Esq., President, CleanHealth Environmental

During this session we will review some the policies and procedures that have become best practices for infection control and mitigation in the healthcare environments. We will also review legislative and regulatory changes in the United States since COVID-19. Finally, this session reviews steps that will need to be taken during the next superbug or infectious disease outbreak.

Healthcare Commissioning Best Practices

Representative from MAZZETTI

Following ASHRAE Standard 202-2013 Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems and the ASHE Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines, including planning, energy audits, design, construction, operations, and post-occupancy can increase your overall patient comfort and experiences. Retro-Commissioning can help you: reduce energy, improve the operation of your systems, correct areas where HVAC systems are causing complaints, and locate additional capacity in your systems. During this session we will take a look at recent retro-commissioning healthcare projects and see what can be learned.

The Value of Digital Twins in Healthcare Operations

Josh Lowe, Co-Founder, AkitaBox

During this session, we will cover how digital twin technology can improve the way hospitals and healthcare facilities are maintained and operated. We define what a digital twin is, the benefits it can deliver to compliance, maintenance, and patient outcomes, and discuss how you can realign your technology stack to be better prepared for the future.

How to Improve the Health of Healthcare Facilities

Tim Norris, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Brivo

How do we help our healthcare heroes feel more comfortable at work? In a recent survey of American workers conducted by Brivo and WhosOnLocation, healthcare industry respondents were the least satisfied with the health-safety measures taken at their workplace. After this year of unimaginable challenges for those in the healthcare industry, facility managers for healthcare buildings must prioritize how they can rebuild confidence that the facilities are safe, while creating welcoming environments for patients and their families.

Join the presentation to learn:

  1. The current mood of healthcare workers as it relates to health-safety at work
  2. How worker sentiment translates to new priorities for healthcare facility managers
  3. What steps you can take to ensure that the physical security of your healthcare buildings is working to protect
    staff and patients
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Shari Solomon

Shari L. Solomon

Esq. President and Founder of CleanHealth Environmental, LLC
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CleanHealth provides comprehensive infection control, industrial hygiene, and OSHA training services, offering valuable risk management and compliance solutions. Ms. Solomon possesses more than 16 years of environmental consulting and federal regulatory experience. An attorney by trade, combined with her experience in the industrial hygiene field with a focus on healthcare, Shari holds a unique expertise and understanding of liability prevention techniques, offering clients practical and valuable risk management solutions.

Prior to launching CleanHealth, Shari held the position as Director of Training and was charged with the development and oversight of all training programs nationwide. Shari also conducted indoor air quality and infection control services including litigation support, operation and maintenance program development, infection control evaluations, and indoor air quality assessments.

Josh Lowe

Josh Lowe

Co-Founder of AkitaBox
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With a degree in Architecture, a background in construction, and a penchant for pushing the boundaries of new technologies, Josh is leading the way in the building industry. He literally helped write the book on Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a contributing author to "Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture: 2011 & 2012" and has consulted on several BIM and facility management technologies. In 2016, he co-founded AkitaBox: a SaaS application for proactive building management. AkitaBox offers a new visual way to maintain facilities that helps customers improve operational efficiency and reduce risk in their facilities by delivering real-world data of customers' built environments.

Tim Norris

Tim Norris

Senior Director of Product Marketing at Brivo
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Tim is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Brivo, leading strategy and market development forBrivo's smart security and intelligent automation solutions. Tim's expertise in rooted in identity and access control spanning across cybersecurity technology, IT risk management and physical security.Tim brings us his expertise from nearly 20 year of experience bringing products to market that go beyond hype, but solve real-world challenges across leading organizations such as RSA Security, Verisign, Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Gannett/USA TODAY.