Specialty Comfort Solutions is an Emerging Category in Health & Wellness

March 14, 2017

There is an emerging category in the Health & Wellness sector and not everyone is talking about it.  As people embrace healthier lifestyles and proactively shift spending towards preventative care, nutrition, and exercise, comfort is undeniably a key influencer. For three decades, Contour Products has focused on developing solution-based products that solve specific sleep, comfort, and support problems for consumers.

U.S. Analysts predict that growth in the Health & Wellness sector is correlated with an increasing population of obesity and chronic diseases, such as GERD and sleep apnea.  The American College of Gastroenterology, The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and the World Gastroenterology Organisation recommend elevating your head 6-8 inches to alleviate digestive and breathing issues caused by GERD, acid reflux and heartburn.

Certified Clinical Sleep Educator and Registered Nurse Terry Cralle emphasizes, "sufficient sleep is critical to health and well-being.  An incline at the head of the bed may help to improve sleep continuity and quality by reducing symptoms of heartburn and related digestive conditions, as well as helping to reduce snoring and sinus congestion." 

Contour Products addresses this recommendation with the introduction of our Global Innovation Award Winning Finalist, the NEW! Mattress Genie® Incline Sleep System. Place this product beneath or on top of any traditional mattress to lift and lower the upper torso and hip area up to 8 inches to alleviate abdominal and stomach pressure. The elongated inflatable chamber is 48 inches in length allowing users to rest comfortably on the back or side.  At the touch of a button, users can experience relief while resting at optimal elevation.

While the official launch date for the NEW! Mattress Genie® Incline Sleep System is slated for May 1st, we have pre-launched the product exclusively online this month with a limited supply of only 500 units.   For more information and to pre-order the product, consumers can visit our website at https://www.contourliving.com/mattressgenieISS/

Contour Products leads the industry with an innovative collection of comfort solutions.  We make CPAP easier for patients starting sleep apnea treatments with our CPAPMAX® Pillow 2.0. If someone has a pain in the bum, we offer the Kabooti® series, a seat cushion that distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure on sensitive areas. If head-to-toe, zero gravity comfort is desired for full body rejuvenation, we offer a body wedge cushion set called the BACKMAX®.

Contour Products takes pride in our motto, “We Support You for Life.”  We have partnered with physicians, chiropractors, respiratory technicians, and industry experts, and we have gathered extensive consumer feedback to offer a wide variety of specialty pillows, cushions and wedges.  Our mission is to continue on our inventive journey to create and provide the most reliable Specialty Comfort Solutions products in the marketplace.

Please visit us at www.contourliving.com for more information.

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