HEPACART, Inc. Announces Licensing and Distribution Agreement To Manufacture and Distribute Equipment For Advanced Disinfection

March 15, 2017

HEPACART™, Inc., a company specializing in infection control, dust barriers and environmental containment, announced a new agreement with High Energy Ozone, LLC., a company on the forefront of developing and testing advanced disinfection technologies including Far-UV Sterilray™.  Far-UV Sterilray™ is a technology that has been show to destroy pathogens via photon disinfection at a significantly faster rate than standard UV. Independent lab testing has proven this technology effective in air, surface and water and on a wide-range of pathogens.

“The success of HEPACART™ has been due to superior manufactured products with a reputation for durability, productivity and safety to protect people and equipment from dangerous dust and pathogens,” said Mark Farnsworth, Vice President and General Manager. “Our partnership with High Energy Ozone, a company on the leading edge of disinfection technologies, is a great opportunity for both companies.”

“Far-UV Sterilray™ lamps photo disinfecting air after the HEPA filter is the best proactive method for destroying viral particles that can pass through filters”, said S. Edward Neister, President of Pathogen Path Consulting LLC.   “These lamps were specifically designed for destroying microbes and have repeatedly shown very high single pass kill with in/out ratio’s from 100/1 to over 10,000/1 depending on the operating power of the lamp.  They are particularly lethal on corona viruses such as MERS, SARS as well as Influenza A, small pox, Legionella, TB, and Streptococcus.  When a viral infective dose can be as low as 1000 particles, using this proactive method can be critical to the health of people breathing the air.”

Neister stressed that Influenza A viruses have the ability to cross over and cause illness in another species.  There are 5 strains endemic to birds, humans, swine, equine and canine.  H1N2 is endemic to humans and pigs, but it has the potential to mutate into 18 different H antigens and 11 different N antigens.  “Far-UV Sterilray™ can be a very important tool in combating Influenza A infectivity thresholds and reducing cross-over potential in our live stock and food supplies.”  

With this new technology, HEPACART™, Inc. will be developing new products but is also seeking partnerships across a wide-range of applications. “There are opportunities here to help hospitals, animal health, food-supply, and agriculture science industries to further reduce the risk of invasive pathogens,” said Farnsworth.

HEPACART™, Inc, with facilities in Lenexa and Shawnee, KS manufacturers the flagship HEPACART™ ceiling and wall access containment carts, the AnteRoom room isolation modules and other productivity tools. HEPACART™, Inc. also distributes a wide range of negative air machines and customizable wall barriers. The HEPACART™ line, used in over 2500 hospitals worldwide, is recognized for its rugged durability, commitment to safety and enhanced productivity in a wide variety of healthcare construction and other high-risk applications.  


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