Igor, Inc. Announces Technology License with Ellipz for a New PoE and LED Lighting Solution

March 3, 2017

Incorporating Igor technology, Ellipz will provide an intelligent light management solution for the commercial lighting industry. The integrated technology is available immediately and provides a complete PoE and LED package solution to the marketplace. By combining both company’s unique technologies, the Ellipz smart lighting solution can address a wide range of client needs in industry segments such as commercial offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, industrial buildings, residential complexes, museums, and beyond.

Together, the Igor-Ellipz partnership provides a fresh new look at the market to the benefit of commercial clients anywhere. “What attracted me to Ellipz is their very contemporary luminaire designs and commitment to environmentally friendly outdoor lights,” said Steve L’Heureux, CEO of Igor, “Combining pioneering Ellipz technology with Igor’s advanced PoE lighting controls greatly complements each other and delivers to customers a truly superior lighting solution.”

For both companies, their partnership seemed like a natural fit from the beginning.  “Ellipz has bucked the traditional approach to lighting since the company was founded, not accepting that what 99% of LED manufacturers are doing is best for optimal vision,” said Derek Fehmers, VP Operations for Ellipz, “Igor has also taken a fresh approach to traditional ways of building control solutions. We are both excited to integrate our respective inventive technologies to bring a state-of-the art digital lighting solution to the world community that is both more environmentally responsible as well as healthier for building occupants.”

Director of Smart Solutions, Pieter Six, added, "PoE lighting and low voltage networks, and the ability to create intelligent ceiling platforms is something which every commercial building should have nowadays, and will have in the not-too-distance future. We see great opportunities in this area."

Ellipz is pushing the boundaries on what is possible with LED lights by creating white light while using a minimum of the blue LEDS found in the traditional LED light. Research has shown that blue LED light can be damaging to the retina, that it has been linked to age-related macular degeneration, and that it suppresses natural circadian rhythms. With this technical advance, Ellipz has created both Mesopic and spectral enhanced lighting that is beneficial to people, plants and animals, while also providing superior visual acuity.

With this partnership, Ellipz has added the final pieces to the puzzle: control and learning. Igor’s plug-and-play PoE software and drivers complete the Ellipz package for a solution that is easy to use, quick to install, and works from day one. The Ellipz-Igor Solution is truly unique, showing that in this rapidly changing industry, small nimble players have advantages in the market. The partnership wraps two inventive services into one easy-to-use and install package for clients.


Clients benefit by receiving the best and healthiest LED lights with market-leading PoE software for controls, savings, and cloud analytics. Contact Ellipz or Igor today to learn more about this powerful solution.


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