Environmental Services

Five housekeepers at N.Y. hospital volunteered to clean COVID patients’ rooms

Volunteer cleaners say they were motivated by the patients


New certification issued for janitors helping to fighting COVID-19

The course covers infection control, proper cleaning procedures, documentation and communication and worksite safety precautions. It also defines cleaning and disinfecting


Environmental services workers find spotlight during Covid

The frontline healthcare workers rely on the environmental services


Nash UNC Health Care working to raises the bar for EVS department

The way the facility is cleaned has changed in order to address the coronavirus pandemic


Housekeeper helps save COVID patient's life

Only healthcare workers and cleaning staff could have in-person interaction with the patient


Best practices for maintaining flooring during COVID-19

Flooring can often make or break the efficacy of even the most rigorous sanitation efforts


Healthcare facility environmental services managers share top concerns

Role of the environmental services department in patient care often underestimated


Reducing HAIs with touchpoint disinfecting

EVS staff should focus their efforts on one of the most challenging areas to disinfect


Outsourcing: Going from 'housekeeping' to 'environmental services'

Professional environmental services make a science of cleaning


Study finds educating cleaning staff lowers C. diff infections

Study suggests focusing on knowledge gaps, challenges and barriers


N.H. nursing home workers petition for COVID-19 stipends

Facility staff in Rockingham County want to be compensated as front-line workers


Environmental services technician certification proves its worth

Certification also helps decrease infection rates in hospitals


Avoiding the hidden costs of environmental services staff injuries

Environmental services work-related injuries usually involve either exposure to harmful contaminants or musculoskeletal disorders


Tackling difficult carpet stains

When an accident occurs, it is vital to clean bodily fluids from floors immediately and with caution


Environmental services' role goes beyond cleanliness

EVS professionals can impact patient satisfaction


Many common cleaning products reported effective against COVID-19 virus

The researchers said the microbicidals ethyl alcohol, para-chloro-meta-xylenol (PCMX), salicylic acid; and quaternary ammonium compounds kill 99.9 percent of coronaviruses


Products to fight COVID-19

The good news is COVID-19 is not resistant to disinfectants



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