Environmental Services

Avoiding the hidden costs of environmental services staff injuries

Environmental services work-related injuries usually involve either exposure to harmful contaminants or musculoskeletal disorders


N.J. seeks new infection protections for healthcare facilities

Viral outbreak at a Wanaque pediatric facility contributed to 11 deaths and some three dozen illnesses


Improving EVS management and technology can improve workflow

Productivity can suffer if staff are not identifying solutions on how to accomplish their tasks


Hospital salaries: From environmental services to the CEO

There are 73,250 janitors and cleaners employed in hospitals


A greener environmental services department can have a wide impact

Green practices can increase environmental sustainability and improve patient care


Cancer patient's room infested with bed bugs at Detroit Hospital

Hospital said the bugs were from someone's infested clothing left behind


Outsourcing EVS for rural hospitals

Cost, staffing, process integration, compliance, reporting… all were concerns as they explored outsourcing options


NYU student goes from janitor to nursing school grad

Baez's goal is to become a critical care nurse in the intensive care unit


Environmental services' morale sometimes suffers on the job

Lifting staff morale goes a long way toward improving productivity


Are cleaners sanitizing and disinfecting too much?

Doctor says routine cleaning and maintenance of large water systems are key to preventing patients from falling ill


Best practices for cleaning, disinfection

Cleaning, disinfecting critical to prevention of hospital-acquired infections



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