Environmental Services

Pandemic will change how environmental service teams operate

Before the pandemic, infection prevention in healthcare facilities focused on hospital-acquired infections


CDC says COVID-19 does not easily spread from contaminated surfaces

But it appears that the virus can spread from people to animals


Study says coronavirus may linger in the air in patient bathrooms, staff areas

Researchers also found the concentration of the virus' genetic material in isolation wards and ventilated patient rooms was very low


Oklahoma hospital's eight nurses are also the janitors

The nurses, along with an office manager and a part-time maintenance worker, are the only remaining employees


Study finds educating cleaning staff lowers C. diff infections

Study suggests focusing on knowledge gaps, challenges and barriers


A greener environmental services department can have a wide impact

Green practices can increase environmental sustainability and improve patient care


Avoiding the hidden costs of environmental services staff injuries

Environmental services work-related injuries usually involve either exposure to harmful contaminants or musculoskeletal disorders


Lower-profile hospital workers worry about their COVID-19 risk

Many hospitals are struggling to obtain protective equipment


Outsourcing: Going from 'housekeeping' to 'environmental services'

Professional environmental services make a science of cleaning


Hospital's housekeepers quitting over coronavirus safety issues

Environmental services workers say they are cleaning coronavirus rooms without proper gear



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