Energy and Power

Clean energy microgrid built for Covid-19 hospital in migrant camp

Batteries combined with photovoltaics provide power for the pop-up clinic


During crisis, critical power plan is a must for the smaller medical facility

COVID-19 could affect supply chain long after the pandemic subsides


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Generators in an ambulatory surgery center

Brad Keyes discusses regulations for GFCI receptacles


Keeping the lights on during COVID-19

Ventilators and other equipment essential to treating patients with acute symptoms of the virus depend on electricity to function


Cool roofs can promote energy savings

By reflecting heat, and emitting absorbed heat, they keep building cooling costs lower


Tunable white LED lighting can offer energy savings

It also offers the chance to optimize the utility of your lighting system


CHP systems offer energy efficiency at the source

A loss of power can have devastating effects, particularly in hospitals and healthcare facilities that need reliable power to keep their patients alive and healthy


Green hospitals may be better prepared to deal with crises

Boston Medical Center monitors its energy use around the clock


New Pa. healthcare facility to include energy-saving power plant

Allegheny Health Network Wexford Hospital will have a natural gas-fired, two-story power plant



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