Hospitals Fined $184K Over Worker Infections

Two hospitals fined for failing to report when employees were infected with COVID-19


New COVID-19 Challenge: Minimizing PPE Waste

Managers seek to reduce the quantity of isolation gowns, gloves and masks discarded after use


Healthcare Facilities Addressing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is about four times more prevalent in healthcare than in other industries


Telehealth Grows Amid Pandemic and Is Likely To Stay

Virtual visits must focus on patient experience to be a viable option


Food Programs Adapt in the COVID-19 Era

Service had to continue where many traditional models no longer were feasible


Rethinking Facility Airflow To Control COVID-19

Facilities can use altered airflows to increase air exchanges and optimize fresh outdoor air


Flexible Food Program Responds to Pandemic

Programs had to rethink and revamp operations while still ensuring the health of patients


CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Improves Hospital Response

Rule mandates emergency planning and support with an emphasis on communication


Four Most Frequent COVID-related OSHA Citations

By knowing the common citations, employers can better ensure they are protecting their workers


Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Skyrocket

Attacks against healthcare organizations have jumped about 45 percent since early November


OSHA Offers Tips on Safety with Dry Ice

Super-cold blocks of carbon dioxide keep temperamental vaccines at the right temperature


Report Faults Security Efforts for Patient Information

Only 6 percent of audited organizations adequately fulfilled requirements for reducing risks and vulnerabilities


Freezer Malfunction Forces Emergency Use of Vaccine

Sensor that monitors freezer didn’t work and didn’t notify hospital personnel of problem


Ransomware Attacks Continue to Plague Healthcare

Facilities are implementing measures designed to keep critical data safe and secure


Cyberattack Tactics Included Guessing Passwords

Perpetrators of the attack used common hacker techniques to get passwords


Healthcare Facilities Eye Blockchain To Address Challenges

Blockchain can do many things, from providing secure encryption of patient information to handling epidemics


Scrutiny Grows on Air Filtration’s Role in Controlling COVID-19

An enhanced HVAC system design will minimize the recirculation of contaminated air in air distribution systems


Hospital Must Release Records on Mold Outbreaks

The hospital has seen a host of mold outbreaks since 2005, when it discovered Aspergillus mold in an operating room


COVID-19 Spotlight Falls on HVAC Systems

One mitigation strategy involves ensuring adequate ventilation in indoor spaces


VA’s Struggle with PPE One of Many Issues

VA had no reliable tracking system for what hospitals have, what they need or what was expired


COVID-19 Highlights Issue of Superbugs in Hospitals

Every year, hundreds of millions of people admitted to hospitals end up with dangerous infections


Hospital Targets Healthier Foods for Staff, Patients

Meal prep service helps people enjoy a stress-free, healthy meal at their convenience


Hospitals Receive Ransomware Alert

The advisory finds that malicious cyber actors are increasingly targeting the healthcare sector


Revisiting IT Issues as Vaccine Rollout Expands

The IT infrastructure in many hospitals and healthcare facilities might not be up to the task of a successful vaccination program


Healthcare IT Responds to Battle Pandemic

Adoption skyrocketed as hospitals, health systems and facility managers increasingly relied on digital health technologies


COVID-19 Reemphasizes Role of Housekeeping

Hospitals seeking to control the coronavirus and other infections need to remain vigilant in their sanitizing efforts


Asset Tracking: What Can RTLS Do for You?

Primarily used to track equipment and people, these systems are expanding into additional applications


Nashville Explosion Hampers Hospital Operations

Blast affected connection points for regional internet services and local wireless, internet and video


California Opening Field Hospitals

The situation was particularly grim in Riverside County, which recently was at zero available ICU capacity


Food Service Workers To Receive Early Vaccines

CDC recommendations for vaccination priorities acknowledge risks facing key employees in healthcare facilities



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