Information Technology

Technology can boost hand-hygiene compliance by 45%

The study, originally featured in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) stated that hand-hygiene compliance rates provided by the traditional direct observation method did not accurately reflect baseline rates.


Location technology: The next investment for healthcare

Location-based security technology is a win for both staff and patients


The pandemic is causing cybersecurity problems for hospitals

There has been a significant increase in ransomware attempts against organizations responding to the pandemic


Smart healthcare facilities can come unique cybersecurity threats

All the standard vulnerabilities apply to healthcare facilities as well


‘Tele-Triage’ models designed to keep patients and clinicians safe

Virtual care in emergency departments also can support security and workflow


Tech can help healthcare facilities guard against disaster

Keeping health IT systems up and running is critical


Finding the right technology for your facility

How FMs choose and implement technology has a profound impact on the long-term operations of a building


Successful technology selection and implementation

Separating shiny new gadgets from systems that deliver when selecting new technology


Hospital system using technology to reduce staff’s' coronavirus exposure

Video tools can also cut down on the use of vital personal protective equipment


Real-time visibility into patient, staff and equipment locations takes safety and strategy to the next level

Searching for equipment is a consistent facility-wide challenge, and a major patient safety risk caused by distraction and delays in care delivery as staff hunts for missing items


Healthcare data security still needs attention during pandemic

Healthcare institutions can have difficulty leveraging the large amounts of data that they store


Technology takes the top position in outbreak management

Cloud-based software solutions provide unified platforms where data from diagnostic tests can be gathered


Unlocking the smart hospital: Top tips for a successful digital transformation

Hospital leaders can streamline workflow for staff while delivering an elevated patient experience



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