Information Technology

‘Virtual hospital’ can mean fewer ER visits and hospital admissions

Patients and staff report greater satisfaction with care provided at home


VA to open all 5G-enabled hospital in California

The VA's Palo Alto Health Care System called the first 5G-enabled health facility in the world


FDA issues cybersecurity warning for GE medical equipment

The machines are used for monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and patient status


Managed IT services for healthcare: Spending the IT budget wisely, while maximizing ROI

The convergence of telecom, security and data solutions makes network integration, proactive security monitoring and transparent pricing key priorities for IT investments


New York prepares for possible coronavirus

New York City officials say they’re working under the assumption cases will pop up here in the area


Disaster preparedness – Considerations on cyber security and resiliency

Planning starts with the end result in mind, but along the way, there are other key goalposts


Addressing software challenges

Careful specification and implementation paves the way for enhanced productivity and performance


Internet of Medical Things changing future of healthcare

The ability to collect, analyze and transmit health data, is changing care delivery


The prescription for a healthy JCAHO audit

A robust, prescriptive EAM system is needed to avoid surprises and support a facility’s ongoing success


Healthcare moving toward paperless systems

Roughly 40 percent of data breaches are paper-based


Location technology: The next investment for healthcare

Location-based security technology is a win for both staff and patients.


Healthcare on Cloud Nine: Top 8 benefits of healthcare-cloud merger

The cloud will be central to future digital transformations in healthcare


Cyber attack stops radiation treatments at Oahu facilities

The company has reported the incident to the FBI and is working with a private computer forensics firm to investigate


Technology saves Toronto hospital $3.2 million a year in energy costs

For instance, patient rooms feature an integrated bedside terminal that can, among other things, change the temperature in their room


Driving savings, standardization and service excellence with enterprise strategy for clinical engineering

Keeping up with the rapid rate of change and getting the most value out of technology today requires a holistic strategy


Roadmap to smart hospital: Step-by-step guide to the future of care

It's time to embrace smart hospitals to maximize the use of available technology.


Hospital installs webcams in NICU beds

Families can see their babies when they can’t be at UC Davis Children’s Hospital


Scientists developing ‘smart toilet’ to collect health data

Some of the available information is alcohol consumption, caloric intake, and how quickly a person metabolizes certain medicine


HHS releases healthcare cybersecurity best practices

Guidance includes 10 best practices for mitigating hacking threats


Evaluating Building Internet of Things devices and systems

Make sure that it is truly commercial-grade


Brooklyn Hospital Center permanently loses some patient data after ransomeware attack

It's been six months since a veteran and double amputee opened fire inside the West Palm Beach VA Center


Survey: Healthcare facilities not keeping up with hackers

96 percent of IT professionals say data attackers are outpacing healthcare facilities in effectiveness


Omnichannel communication: The frontier healthcare meeds to target

For digital channels of communications to thrive and boost member experience, payers must work on developing omnichannel capabilities


The importance of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

Because of this, healthcare facility infrastructures, maintenance machines and computer systems work overtime to accommodate all members within the organization


Five-step roadmap to get healthcare disruption just right

Disruption in healthcare is something that we need, and to win at it, organizations need to move quickly to initiate changes and embrace new developments


3 Alabama hospitals freeze admissions after ransomware attack

The hospitals are working with federal authorities and its IT staff, vendors and consultants to restore its system


After active shooter, hospital develops emergency communication network

The hospital is implementing a communications platform that connects staff throughout the facility


Uberization of healthcare: Data activation to bring the future of healthcare today

Uber shook the industry up with its core value of promoting consumer-centricity


IoT leverages existing systems to effect operating efficiencies

Actionable data drives value across organizations


What should be included in a networked lighting controls system?

The anatomy of an advanced lighting controls system can seem tricky


Hospitals urged to cooperate to beat hackers

Security frameworks and threat intelligence sharing already exist


Technology helps makes Stanford Hospital safer, more efficient

New facilities features lots of high-tech, but some older systems still remain


Innovation, automation and a 21st Century end-user experience: Aligning expectations with reality

It is incumbent upon IT partners to narrow the gap that exists between reality and expectations


Deadly fungus must spur big changes in infection control

Expert says the best way to prepare for Candida auris is to really examine the culture around infection control in the nursing home


Cybersecurity is a top safety issue for healthcare facilities

Cybersecurity was listed behind severe weather and active shooter incidents


Looking to design a new space? Key considerations in AV technology

Audiovisual technology can be used within a building infrastructure to simply manage routine needs


Florida hospitals install electronic paper patient and room information displays

Hospitals can display information without the glare and blue light of a typical LCD screen


Blockchain technology holds potential of transforming healthcare sector

Blockchain offers better confidentiality of patient information alongside quick access to required data


‘Smart hospitals’ are on the horizon

These buildings perform functions like a medical practitioner


Case study: The prescription for EMI New York City

The operating room of a major hospital in New York City is free from the effects of EMI


Mission: Revamp Healthcare 2019 — Top policies this year to reimagine healthcare

One of the greatest challenges in healthcare is keeping up with the changing landscape


Big data start-ups set to change healthcare

Healthcare is a sector which relies heavily on data and relay of information, so naturally there are lots of companies springing up


Boston Children’s Hospital using Alexa to help parents and caregivers

Amazon asked healthcare facilities to test Alexa’s new HIPAA-compliant technology


Finding the right technology for your facility

How FMs choose and implement technology has a profound impact on the long-term operations of a building.


Identifying and addressing DAS requirements in today’s hospital

DAS allows all users of the building, whether it be communicating infrastructure or a personal or business phone, to connect to their carrier of choice at full signal strength


Telehealth market expected to see a 23.4 percent compound annual growth rate

Growth is driven by increasing health awareness and adoption of online health consultation


Load testing of electronic health records - what to look for

Load testing is an essential component in performance testing, and doing so in a production-like environment brings its benefits.


UPS to use drones for hospital deliveries

Hospitals will pay it for this service, which it expects will be much faster and eventually cheaper than current couriers


A text message to save more than 13 million lives

Patient engagement through text messages has emerged as one of the biggest avenues for optimizing care quality



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