Information Technology

Ardent Health Services Ensnared in Ransomware Attack

The organization became aware of this incident on the morning of November 23.


Warren General Hospital Experiences Data Breach

The data breach occurred in late September.


How Facial Recognition Technology Works for Hospitals

This technology aims to add more security, efficiency and accountability.


McLaren Health Care Caught in Data Breach

McLaren has begun mailing notice letters to the impacted individuals.


Sutter Health Experiences Vendor-related Data Breach

No social security numbers or financial information were compromised in this incident.


CMMS: Making the Upgrade-or-Replace Decision

Healthcare organizations require a CMMS that can streamline maintenance, lower operating costs and deliver critical data.


Healthcare Cyberattacks Come with High Costs

These costs can involve both finances and time.


Risks and Dangers of Sharing Patient Data with AI

Sharing private information with AI tools and services can go against HIPAA compliance.


How Building Automation Systems Impact Healthcare Facilities

From patient comfort to maintenance, a BAS can have numerous impacts on a facility.


HealthAlliance Hospital and Margaretville Hospital Resume Operations Following Cyberattack

Their IT experts shut down all connected systems on October 20.


Moffitt McKinley Hospital Improves Patient Experience with Personal Technology

Patient outcomes improve when patients are actively engaged in their health and informed of their care.


Can Building Automation Systems Assist with Management and Maintenance?

BAS manufacturers discuss how these systems can enhance managing and maintenance of critical systems.


Being Cybersecurity-Aware for Healthcare's Vulnerabilities

Awareness of cybersecurity vulnerabilities in healthcare is critical for defending against breaches.


MUSC Health Hospitals Caught in Westat Data Breach

Westat experienced a data breach through a vulnerability in the MOVEit software.


Third Party Vendors May Put Healthcare Facilities at Risk for Cyberattacks 

Third-party vendors are becoming a possible vector for cyberattacks.


Community First Medical Center Struck by Data Breach

The Illinois-based facility experienced a breach in July.


Challenges to Be Aware of With Building Automation Systems

BAS manufacturers discuss potential issues of dealing with automation systems.


Can Building Automation Systems Help Save Energy?

BAS manufacturers join to discuss energy-saving features for healthcare facilities.


Updated Notice from Prospect Medical Regarding Data Breach

The incident involved seven healthcare facilities.


3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Facilities Teams

By investing in people supported by innovative technology, facilities will be better equipped to meet evolving challenges.


KnowBe4 Releases Figures Concerning Healthcare Cyberattacks

The U.S. healthcare industry has become a top target for cyberattacks over the past several years.


How Do Building Automation Systems Impact Patients' Experiences?

BAS manufacturers discuss the contribution these systems have to patient comfort, safety and well-being.


Oak Valley Hospital District Experiences Data Breach

The incident had taken place between April 2023 and July 2023.


What Cyber Threats Exist for Healthcare Facilities?

As cyberattacks continue to increase, facility managers have a few options to defend against them.


North Mississippi Health Services Routs Cyberattack in 17 Minutes

There is no indication that any information accessed has been misused.


What Role Does Facilities Management Play in Healthcare Cybersecurity?

Collaboration and a zero-trust approach from facilities management are key.


Singing River Health System Rattled with Cyberattack

The network put its systems into downtime to prevent any further harm.


CentroMed Hit with Data Breach

The San Antonio-based hospital says the breach happened back in June.


Brigham and Women's Hospital Experiences Privacy Incident

The incident involved 987 different individuals’ information possibly being exposed.


Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers Experiences Cyberattack

The incident was discovered in early April 2023.



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