Infection Control

Surfaces, Sanitization and COVID-19: A Closer Look

Literature review focuses on ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects


Study Questions Rigid Use of Social Distancing

Variables among facilities suggest social distances might be pliable


Is Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Effective in Hospitals?

New study looks at bacteria levels after cleaning with DHP


Robotics and Cleaning: What Lies Ahead?

Robots could gradually replace human personnel in dangerous hot zone of infectious hospital


Case Study: SaaS Brings Savings, Resilience to Hospital

Application helps Ontario facility meet building savings and sustainability goals


Is UV Germicidal Light Effective in Operating Rooms?

New study shows whether environmental services teams can use UV to disinfect between surgeries


UVC Light: A New Tool for EVS Teams?

Study finds devices used after standard cleaning procedures in hospitals can dramatically reduce pathogens


Lessons for Long-Term Care from COVID-19 Preparations

Survey of pre-pandemic plans offer lessons managers can use to prepare for next pandemic


COVID-19 Surge Strains Michigan Hospitals

Among biggest drivers of infections are outbreaks among youth athletes associated with K-12 schools


Far-UVC: Battling COVID-19 With a New Light

Specific UVC wavelength can reduce risk of spread in enclosed environments, particularly those with poor ventilation


U.S. Senators Seek Financial Help for Senior Living Facilities

Funds could target personal protective equipment, staffing, and infection prevention and control


Feds Act To Get More N95 Masks To Healthcare Workers

Hospitals saying limits on which workers should get N95s must stay in place


Surgery During a Pandemic: Why Sterilization Is Important

Sterile processing department designers should consider how to organize storage space, reduce touchpoints and minimize inspection time


Robots Enlisted To Enhance Cleaning To Prevent Infections

Two robots will be developed that make it possible to disinfect potentially contaminated surfaces in buildings


FDA Asks Hospitals To Stop PPE Crisis Measures

FDA and CDC believe there are now adequate domestic supplies of masks


Hospital’s COVID-19 Outbreak Total 31 Cases

Cases were traced to inpatient unit for surgical and cancer patients


Hospital Data Breach Affects 3,000 People

Employee with access to hospital data servers improperly viewed private health information


COVID-19 Spreads Via Airborne Droplets, Not Surfaces: CDC

Risk of contracting illness from contaminated surface is less than 1 in 10,000


Floors Eyed Over Role in Infection Control

Traditional high-touch surfaces among most closely inspected facility components


Vaccines Highly Effective for Healthcare Workers: Study

Infection risk after one dose reduced by 80 percent about two or more weeks after shot


No-Touch Parking Access Targets COVID-19

Technology allows patients, visitors and staff access without reaching outside cars or touching equipment


Benzene Detected in 44 Hand Sanitizers

Highest level of carcinogen detected at 16.1 parts per million, more than eight times FDA limit


COVID-Free: Strategies for Success

Achieving goal during pandemic took strict adherence to infection prevention protocols


20 COVID-19 Cases at Duke Raleigh Hospital

Cases traced to fifth floor inpatient unit for surgical and cancer patients


Nurses Eyed When Microbe Spread Leads to Outbreaks

Study finds nurses more likely to be super spreaders of microbes primarily spread by hand


Mandatory Vaccinations Become Issue Among Employees

Senior living provider says mandating employee vaccination is imperative to protecting residents and other staff


Fears Stall Vaccinations Among Senior Care Community Workers

Safety, efficacy, newness of vaccine and distrust of government among the major factors workers cited


Senate Testimony Spotlights COVID-19 and Senior Care Communities

175,000 long-term care residents and staff have died of COVID-19 so far


Infection Researchers Eye Facility-Community Link

Study will focus on how facilities and the community affects spread of infectious diseases


COVID-19 Variant Strikes Nursing Home

Variant is not one of the common strains circulating in U.K., South Africa and Brazil



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