Infection Control

Ultraviolet Light Kills Coronavirus, But Caution Required

Continuous disinfection of surfaces and air would be a desirable outcome, but there is a lot of unknown risk with these solutions


Small Michigan Hospital Braces For COVID

Last week, five of its six ICU beds were filled; one with a COVID patient


Study Tests Effectiveness Of Materials For Face Masks

Researchers tested everything from t-shirts and socks to jeans and vacuum bags


Butte Longterm Care Facility Resorts To Extreme Measures

Some asymptomatic staff members who have tested positive continue working with the COVID-19 positive patients


Cleaning, Sanitizing And Disinfecting

COVID has spurred a new standard for healthcare facility hygiene


Kansas Healthcare Providers With COVID-19 Allowed To Treat Patients

The practice is allowed when facilities face staff shortages


Traveling Healthcare Workers Face Dire COVID Conditions

Caught between hospitals and agencies, workers’ protections are blurred


Michigan Healthcare Facilities Prep For COVID Surge

State’s hospitals prepared to different degrees


Telemedicine Market Growing Rapidly

Remote patient monitoring is one of the primary benefits of telemedicine


Giant Therapy Dog Brings Smiles, Infection Concerns To Ohio Healthcare Facility

Pandemic paused the project for safety reasons


Twin Cities On 'Red Alert' For ICU Beds

ICU bed space is scarce because caregivers own infections or exposures


Mask Stockpiling May Be Hurting Small Healthcare Facilities

Larger healthcare facilities are stockpiling what they can in preparation for future surges


Bacteria On Hospital Floors Suggests Need For Better Infection Control

New study finds floors are a significant, but often overlooked, bacteria source


Containing Infection Risk During Hospital Construction

Early discussion and risk assessment associated are key to minimizing the potential impact


NYC Healthcare Facilities Feel Ready For COVID Resurgence

Hospitals and nursing homes are drawing on lessons learned in the spring


Alaska COVID Alternate Care Sites Ready

Officials remain concerned about staffing


CDC Launches Anti-infection Program for Healthcare Workers

The $180 million program is designed to help stop the spread of pathogens in healthcare facilities


Texas Nursing Homes Violated Infection Control Standards During COVID

According to state records, 556 Texas longterm care facilities violated infection control standards at least 1,435 times between early March and mid-August


Infection Control Training From CDC Supports Existing Efforts

Program targets frontline healthcare workers and could supplement senior living community offerings


Hospital COVID Outbreak May Have Started In Break Room

15 staff members at Mass. hospital tested positive for COVID-19


Texas Hospital’s Face Shield Program Controlling COVID Spread

Researchers have also found the program has reduced overall hospital-acquired infections


Staff-strapped Canadian Nursing Homes Turning To Immigration

Staffing for longterm care facilities called a national issue


Indiana Hospital Fighting COVID With Germ Killing Robots

Reid Health has added three robots to cleaning arsenal in rooms occupied by COVID-19 patients


False Positives in COVID Not A Harmless Mistake

False negatives are not the only problem with faulty coronavirus testing


Healthcare Facilities Stocking Up On Personal Protective Equipment

Midwest hospitals looking for supplies as numbers surge


COVID-19 Can Impact Restroom Upgrades

Pandemic has increased focus on improved hygiene and improved accessibility


Twin Hurricanes Of Flu And COVID-19 Approach

Experts deliver pattern analysis and action guide to help


Controlling Infection When Using Mobile Devices

COVID-19 has put renewed focus on the potential for cross-contamination


COVID Provides Ideal Conditions For Candida Auris

A patient with both COVID and C. auris should only be placed in the same room as another patient with COVID-19 and C. auris


How Facilities Can Prepare for Flu Season Amidst COVID-19

Helping COVID-19 and flu patients and your healthcare staff safely navigate within your facility can make a huge difference in stopping the spread


Infographic: How To Clean Different Mats

Choosing the proper products can makes cleaning more efficient


Kaiser Cited For Not Treating COVID-19 As Airborne

Kaiser says it will appeal the citation against its psychiatric facility in Santa Clara, Calif.


Covid-19 Is Turning South African Hospitals Into ‘Obsessive Infection Control Bubbles’

Where necessary, hospitals triage so arrivals are diverted into categories that separate positive patients from Persons Under Investigation, who are in turn separated from Covid-19 negative patients


Healthcare Facility Design Can Impact Infection Control

Environmental services should participate in the design process


Massachusetts Sets New Nursing Home Room Limits

Residential rooms that hold more than two people will be phased out


Wastewater Testing May Provide Indication Of Coronavirus

Some U.S. cities have employed ‘sewage surveillance’


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Red Bag Waste Containers

Brad Keyes discusses regulations on red bag waste containers


Study To Explore Whether Wearable Technology Can Boost Infection Control

Wearable devices can register when wearers come into contact with each other


Two Minnesota Nursing Homes Call National Guard To Help Contain COVID Outbreaks

Staff-shortage issues amplified by pandemic


Half of Philadelphia’s Nursing Home Patients May Have Had COVID-19

Philadelphia's health department believes previously infected nursing home patients can resist a second wave of infection


Florida Senate Hires Tampa Hospital For COVID-19 Safety Consulting

The Senate will pay the hospital $200 an hour for providing services


Utah Ready To Open Temporary COVID-19 Hospital

State health officials still hope they won’t need it


Nursing Home Outbreaks May Be Stressing Wisconsin Hospital Capacity

It's increasingly difficult to control COVID in nursing homes during surge


More than 100 N.J. Nursing Homes Have Had Coronavirus Outbreaks Since Summer

At least 102 longterm care facilities saw new outbreaks this summer or fall after being declared COVID-19 free


Wisconsin Opens State Fair Park Facility for COVID Patients

Madison’s Alliant Energy Center is also being prepped to be an alternate care facility


Two Colorado Alternate Care Sites To Be Deconstructed

Colorado Convention Center, two others, to stay open


Louisiana Hospitals Prepared For Delta While Dealing With Covid

Separation is key when dealing with extra patients or housing staff


Paris Hospitals Strained By New Wave Of Covid Patients

More than 2,300 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized in Ile-de-France, the country’s most popular region


Survey: N.J. Adults (50+) Still Hesitant to Go To Hospitals For Non-COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 admissions represented less than 5 percent of total patients in the state's medical facilities in Sept.


What Clean Really Means To A Healthcare Organization’s Culture

If people do not feel safe, or if they feel they don’t have the support or resources to provide safe care, poor PX scores, high infection rates and staff attrition can result


CDC Confirms Airborne Transmission Plays Role In COVID Spread

Update comes after website error in September


Coronavirus Surge Starting to Stress Wis. Hospitals

Governor issues emergency order to bring in out-of-state healthcare workers


Pandemic Experience Is Changing ASCs infection Control

During COVID, facilities have improved their infection control procedures


Virtual Reality Can Facilitate Hospital Design Input

Medical professionals are able to comment on design decisions


Brigham and Women's Hospital Nurses Urge Stronger COVID Safety Measures

42 patients and staff and one visitor have tested positive in hospital cluster


Study Says Shallow Hospital Sinks Can Spread Infections

Researchers found that a shallow sink can lead to the contamination of worker hands and patient care equipment and surfaces


San Bernardino Hospital Workers Protest Coronavirus Protocols

Demonstrations were held at more than 30 Dignity Health and Sutter Health facilities


Health System Eases PPE Issues By Buying Stake In Company

Genesis Health System purchased a minority stake in Prestige Ameritech


Hospitals Brace For Impact Of Flu, COVID

A main challenge will be differentiating patients being admitted with the flu from those with COVID-19


Banned Hand Sanitizer List Nears 200

The list of hand sanitizers deemed unsafe by the FDA topped 100 in early August


Interior Design Choices Can Support Infection Prevention

Style must be balanced with ease of cleaning


Patient Equipment Decontamination Can Impact Infection Control

Quick and effective decontamination of shared patient equipment is essential


Ultraviolet Lamp Said to Kill COVID Without Risk To People

The company plans to sell the lamp to medical facilities first


Ten Percent Of N.Y. Nursing Homes Failed At Infection Control

The New York Health Department has fined 23 nursing homes a total of $328,000


Study: Coronavirus Lingers on Shared Medical Equipment

Research doesn’t say whether this could lead to virus transmission


Continuously Active Disinfectants Said To Control COVID Spread

Protecting exposure via surfaces in heavily trafficked facilities can be a challenge



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