Infection Control

New Cases of COVID-19 Decline in Nursing Homes

From late December to early February, deaths have decreased by more than 65 percent


774 Hospitals Penalized Over Patient Infections

Hospitals will lose 1 percent of their Medicare payments over 12 months


Case Study: Disinfecting Contaminated Cell Phones and Tablets

Ultraviolet-C light is an effective alternative to germicidal wipes for disinfecting devices


Beware Casual Conversations and COVID-19: Study

Researchers say infections occurred likely due to not wearing a mask in social situations


No Surface? No Touch: Technology Targets Infections

Touchless technology aims to enhance hygiene and minimize risk of infection


Should We Introduce Good Microbes into a Facility?

Instead of killing all the bacteria, facilities could add good microbes into surfaces or the air


Strategies and Tactics to Improve Hand Hygiene

Monitoring by itself doesn’t change behavior of healthcare workers


Americans Backsliding on Handwashing

As pandemic wears on, Americans are washing their hands less often and for less time


COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Checklist for Facility Managers

Executing a high distribution of the vaccine is possible with a solid plan


Ice Machines Linked to Nosocomial Infections: Study

Dozens of machines frequently contaminated with gram-negative bacilli and Candida species


Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Strike Hospitals: CDC

Outbreaks linked might be linked to reuse of personal protective equipment by staff


Evidence Grows That Masks Essential in Battling COVID-19 Spread

Two studies take closer look at role of mask-wearing in preventing illness


Strict Infection-Prevention Measures Stop Superbug Outbreak

Cleaning, disinfection, hand hygiene and other measures, contained outbreak within two months


Researchers Test Wearable Device Targeting Handwashing

Technology must be further developed and tested to improve hand hygiene compliance


NFL Scores with COVID-19 Measures

A closer look at key elements of program to minimize spread of coronavirus


Clinics Ventilation Not Up to Standard: Study

Investigators looked at stand-alone clinics, ancillary clinics to hospital systems, clinics in retail pharmacies and urgent care centers


Hospital Study Explores Benefits of Disinfectant Wipes

Cleaning time decreased by 12 minutes for discharges and 20 percent for daily cleaning


COVID-19 Ramps Up Hazards in Healthcare

UV disinfection and masks can create issues for staff, occupants and visitors


EPA OKs Antiviral Air Treatment for COVID-19

Product can be used in indoor spaces where social distancing is difficult, including food preparation areas in healthcare facilities


Hand Hygiene Key in Controlling COVID-19

When staff focus on imminent patient care needs, hand hygiene compliance can slip


Vaccine Storage Problems Arise in Hospitals

Nearly 2,000 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine were spoiled after a contractor accidentally unplugged a freezer


Flu Watch: Social Distancing in Facilities Paying Off

Flu numbers are well below normal across all ages


Automated Technology Reinforces Proper Handwashing

Technology uses near-field magnetic induction technology to verify clinicians sanitize hands properly


Hospital-Acquired COVID-19: A Closer Look

Healthcare decision makers need metrics to provide accurate estimates of cases to effectively allocate resources


4 Factors in COVID-19 Spread in Long-Term Care

Staff member infections, facility size among the factors associated with cases and deaths


Decade-Long Legionnaires' Outbreak Tied to Michigan Hospital: CDC

state reported 90 cases of Legionnaires' disease during 2014 and 2015


Senior Care Facilities Go to the Dogs To Detect COVID-19

Dogs identify coronavirus via sweat samples from individuals


COVID-19 Highlights Issue of Superbugs in Hospitals

Every year, hundreds of millions of people admitted to hospitals end up with dangerous infections


COVID-19: Study Reveals Role of Housekeeping in Patient Health

Antimicrobial measures in hospitals and healthcare facilities with COVID-19 wards need to be amped up


Case Study: Deactivating the Coronavirus with Doorway Air Curtains

A well-established technology, bipolar ionization is now an option offered inside air curtains



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