Infection Control

Twice-daily disinfection recommended for healthcare facility tablets

Tablets are often colonized with important human pathogens


Problems with water pump postpones surgeries at Mayo University Hospital

The water pump in the sterilization facility


WHO: Containing Congo Ebola outbreak may take two years

Of the 1,931 confirmed Ebola patients, 1,357 have died


Man hires attorney after contracting lice from gurney at Detroit hospital

Hospital employees discovered that someone had stuffed wet clothes covered in bugs - possibly lice - under the gurney he was given as a mattress


Ebola outbreak reaches 2,000 cases

The number of confirmed cases reached 2,000 three times as quickly as it took to reach 1,000


Three more Legionnaires’ cases reported at Mount Carmel Grove City Hospital

One person who contracted Legionnaires’ has died


Areas outside nursing home resident rooms key to infection control

Residents have frequent contact with staff and the environment outside of their rooms


Germicidal technologies can reduce hospital airborne pathogens

UV-C energy can fortify hospital defenses against infectious diseases by reducing their concentrations without increasing their resistance to medicines


New Ohio healthcare facility reports patient death in Legionnaires’ outbreak

The first patient was diagnosed with Legionnaires’ the day after the hospital opened


Michigan investigates Legionnaires' at four hospitals

Patient at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor confirmed with Legionnaires' disease


Environmental disinfection tips for Candida auris infection prevention and control

Preventing C. auris transmission requires diligent adherence to infection control recommendations, including placing patients colonized or infected with C. auris in single rooms on Standard and Contact Precautions


Study finds solutions for limiting exposure to Candida auris

Procedures used in an animal facility can potentially be applied to healthcare facilities


Telemedicine company launched to focus on infectious disease

Infectious Disease Connect will seek to reduce transfers and allow the treatment of patients with infectious diseases in their own communities


Sanitizer uses ultraviolet rays to kill viruses on mobile devices

Studies have found that 94 percent of cell phones used by hospital staff carry contaminants


Study: Hand-hygiene signs not working in healthcare facilities

Researchers placed placards near soap and alcohol-based hand-rub dispensers in two hospital units


Seattle Children's Hospital operating rooms shut down because of fungus

Air tests detected Aspergillus in several operating rooms and equipment storage rooms


Healthcare facilities changing how they fight superbugs

Drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus, Enterobacteriaceae and Clostridium difficile have been overcoming antibiotics


New factor that can influence spread of legionella found

Legionella can proliferate less efficiently in amoebae if they contain endosymbionts


C diff. transmitted through non-critical items

Report says proper disinfection of tools is crucial


Agencies investigating Legionnaires' case at McLaren Flint

Hospital officials acknowledging that a patient may have acquired the disease at the facility


Study: Outside temperature impacts pathogens in climate-controlled ICUs

The outside temperature can influence the indoor temperature


An emergency declaration over Ebola could make things worse

The Ebola outbreak in the Congo is challenging the world's capacity to respond


Heathcare facility floors getting more attention in infection control efforts

Disposable mops may cut down on contamination


WHO worried about risk of Ebola spread

The death total in the outbreak is 1,105 and response teams are still investigating 310 suspected Ebola cases


Officials at Chinese hospital fired over poor infection control after five baby deaths

The babies died after contracting an infection caused by Echovirus 11, a type of intestinal virus


Healthcare facilities balance infection control with green cleaning efforts

There are good sustainable alternatives out there if healthcare professionals are 'willing to open their eyes and take a look'


University of Texas new biocontainment care unit is prepared for the next Ebola outbreak

Specialty unit is among 10 U.S. regional centers for highly infectious diseases


Study: Few healthcare workers know hand-washing guidelines

Study found that workers performed hand hygiene 35 percent of the time.


VA finds officials covered up Legionella at Loma Linda hospital

Staff members said they were not informed of bacteria discovery


NY dedicates statue to handwashing champion

Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis saw the benefits of handwashing in 1847


Research finds healthcare facility privacy curtains can pose threat to patients

University of Michigan researchers looked at the prevalence of curtains contaminated in skilled nursing facility rooms.


Michigan Legionnaires' cases up in 2018, but death rates drop

The state experienced a 67 percent increase from 2017


Candida auris cases confirmed in Maryland

Fungal infection has been confirmed in 12 U.S. states


Study finds disinfection devices in ICU sinks effective against superbugs

Researchers placed devices on sink siphons that applied heat and electromechanical vibration


Senator urges feds to declare emergency over Candida auris

Schumer is asking the federal government to allocate millions of dollars to fighting the fungus


Experts fear disaster as Ebola outbreak threatens to escalate

Ongoing violence aimed at the Ebola response workers is undermining efforts to stop the virus' spread


Specific environmental strategies needed in infection control

World Health Organization publishes priority pathogens list


Concerns raised that some new hospitals not built to prevent infection

Some members of Parliament say Scotland's hospitals are not being built to a high enough standard


Candida auris cases in U.S. top 600

Illinois, New Jersey and New York have most of the cases


Outbreak incident in Israel teaches value of infection control

Clean care key to dealing with health emergencies


Superbugs make hand-washing even more important

Annually, drug-resistant germs infect around 2 million Americans and kill more than 20,000


Congo sets daily record with 23 new Ebola cases

A surge of cases often happens after attacks on the Ebola response


Candida auris could spread to 13th state

There are hundreds of cases in surrounding areas


Two Legionnaires’ cases reported at Chicago hospital

Mercy has begun flushing its water system, and will alter or replace water fixtures and place filters on sinks


Hospitals are boosting hygiene practices to fight superbugs

One of the best ways to prevent ransomware attacks is to educate employees


Legionnaires' disease found in facilities adjacent to California prison hospital

Tests found the bacteria in the water supply at a prison medical facility in Stockton and at two neighboring youth correctional facilities


Flu season longest in 10 years

The U.S. has experienced 21 consecutive weeks of elevated flu activity


Research says non-sporicidal wipes effective against Candida Auris

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of sporicidal disinfectants


Two reasons why ambulatory care facilities struggle with infection control standards

The Joint Commission highlights problematic standards for office-based surgery practices


Can we build better airborne isolation rooms?

Measles outbreaks bring question to forefront


Cleaning robots could curb spread of 'superbug fungus' in Pa, hospital

Chambersburg Hospital has used UV robots since 2017 in the final step of the cleaning process


Location-based technologies: A complete infection control solution

With RTLS solutions, healthcare organizations can track hand hygiene compliance and noncompliance events


Calif. investigating Legionnaires' outbreak at prison hospital

One inmate has died and a second inmate tested positive for the bacteria


Study: Hospital workers can unknowingly spread the flu

Infection control measures in hospitals may be inadequate


Repeated wearing of clothes increases bacteria for healthcare workers

Level jumps fourfold when clothes are worn more than one shift


Two Oklahoma hospitals held off spread of ‘superbug’

Both incidents reflect the growing problem of multidrug-resistant Candida auris


Deadly fungus must spur big changes in infection control

Expert says the best way to prepare for Candida auris is to really examine the culture around infection control in the nursing home


Hospitals deploy a range of methods against superbugs

C. auris can survive for weeks outside a patient


Study: 14 percent of new hospital patients carry superbugs

Researchers found multidrug-resistant organisms in 29 percent of patient rooms


Study finds low hand-hygiene compliance in ICUs

Hand-hygiene compliance was lowest when moving from dirtier to cleaner patient-care tasks


Contaminated duodenoscopes linked to 3 new deaths, 45 more infections

FDA says manufacturers must increase post-market studies


Ebola surge experiences two consecutive record-setting days

The surge came just as WHO emergency committee decided the developments did not constitute an international public health emergency


Research links antimicrobial resistance and climate change

Researchers noticed that resistance increased as temperatures warmed in the U.S.


Study says privacy curtains often contaminated with superbugs

Researchers also found bedside curtain contamination was linked to patients becoming colonized with MRSA and VRE


FDA issues final rule on hand sanitizers

The rule says certain active ingredients are not allowed to be used


Study says petting zoos are breeding grounds for drug-resistant superbugs

Petting zoos can result in shedding and transmission of multi-drug resistant pathogens


Legionnaires' cases increasing

The number of people with Legionnaires’ disease grew by nearly five times from 2000-2017, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Candida auris cases in U.S. rise to 587

The fungus infection is on the rise worldwide


Third baby dies in Glasgow after contracting hospital infection

Two extremely premature babies have already died at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital


Nursing homes using special soap on patients to fight drug-resistant germs

At least 2 million people in the U.S. become infected with an antibiotic-resistant bacteria every year


Baltimore area hospitals bar youth visitors amid measles concerns

With a case of the measles reported, a health system is not allowing visitors under the age of 14



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