Scrutiny Mounts on HVAC-COVID-19 Connection

Former OSHA head says employers not taking adequate measures to address real COVID-19 risks in workplaces


Resource Targets HVAC Controls and COVID-19

No definitive recommendations exist for environmental controls when handling COVID-19 patients


Refrigeration Breakdown Prompts Vaccine Scramble

Freezer storing 1,650 doses of the clinics’ COVID-19 vaccines stopped working


Resource Targets HVAC Systems and COVID-19

Guide aims to help performance of flush calculations to reduce the time and energy to clear spaces of contaminants


Michigan: HVAC Certification for Restaurant Openings

Program allows food service establishments to become certified by having their HVAC systems inspected


HVAC Systems and COVID-19: What’s the Link?

Experts say scientific evidence does not indicate that transmission of COVID-19 occurs via HVAC systems


Rethinking Facility Airflow To Control COVID-19

Facilities can use altered airflows to increase air exchanges and optimize fresh outdoor air


Freezer Malfunction Forces Emergency Use of Vaccine

Sensor that monitors freezer didn’t work and didn’t notify hospital personnel of problem


Scrutiny Grows on Air Filtration’s Role in Controlling COVID-19

An enhanced HVAC system design will minimize the recirculation of contaminated air in air distribution systems


Hospital Must Release Records on Mold Outbreaks

The hospital has seen a host of mold outbreaks since 2005, when it discovered Aspergillus mold in an operating room


COVID-19 Spotlight Falls on HVAC Systems

One mitigation strategy involves ensuring adequate ventilation in indoor spaces


Clearing the Air: COVID-19 Strategy Must Address IAQ

Researchers stress that risk of infection is particularly high in hospitals and nursing homes


BAS Advances Address Hospitals’ Long-Term Challenges

Technology offers extensive capabilities through integration with other systems within healthcare environments


Ventilation Takes Center Stage in Protecting Patients, Staff

Researchers say it is important to control indoor air and combine different measures to achieve reduced spread


Nursing Homes Rethink Ventilation’s Role in Pandemic

One state’s facilities offer insights into challenges facing managers


Hospitals Upgrade Ventilation To Combat Coronavirus Spread

When it comes to infection control and prevention, focus on HVAC systems for patient and provider safety


Revisiting Air Filtration in the COVID-19 Era

Design engineers and facilities engineers must cooperate to ensure modified hospital engineering systems minimize the coronavirus risk


Healthcare HVAC Design Post-Pandemic

Future hospitals should implement HVAC best practices learned during COVID-19


HVAC System Performance and COVID-19

Enhanced system design minimizes recirculation of COVID-19-contaminated air in air distribution system


Operating Room Airflow Makes COVID Social Distancing Ineffective

Stepping away from a patient may not reduce risk


Designing Healthcare Facility Ventilation After COVID-19

Designers are using different strategies to support infection control


Water Vapor In Hospitals Is A Good (Necessary) Thing

Humidity in buildings has acquired a bad reputation


Extra Effort In HVAC Optimization Can Be Cost Effective

Optimization project may require some time and expertise to properly tune a system — not necessarily requiring a huge investment


For HVAC Efficiency, Go Beyond The Obvious

Energy-use data and analysis is crucial to identifying and picking projects that can have huge longterm impact on efficiency


Preventing HVAC from Spreading Coronavirus

Good ventilation, filtration and humidity control are crucial


New Air Speed And Direction Measurement Technology Delivering Airflow Visualization For Healthcare Environments.

It is critically important to understand how the airflow can impact the time between scheduling procedures in different types of healthcare environments


Proper Ventilation, Filtration To Curb COVID Risk

Air disinfection in healthcare facilities may be just as important as using fitted N95 respirators


Nurse Reports Cooling Issues At Texas Nursing Home For COVID Patients

Nurse sues - saying she was fired after report


Disinfectant Overuse May Have Caused Nurses' Illnesses At Vermont Hospital

Investigators were unable to pinpoint an exact reason why 21 nurses fell ill


Hospital Airflow Crucial For Infection Prevention

There is a lot that can be done in indoor air management to decrease transmission of infections



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