How to design and build what’s needed to meet organizational goals and strategies

It’s all about scoping the right concept before getting too far down the facility planning phase


Justifying designing for the patient experience

Designing unique patient experiences has become a top strategic priority for many healthcare institutions, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


N.Y.C. hospital stresses technology in new facility

New York City’s NYU Langone Health designed from the ground up to integrate the latest in healthcare information technology


Healthcare aesthetics getting bolder

Healthcare facility aesthetics are evolving as owners work to differentiate themselves in the competitive landscape, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Beyond thermal: Insulation considerations for healthcare facilities

Beyond energy efficiency, insulation in the healthcare facility enclosure can support acoustic, moisture management and safety objectives


California hospital designed to move up and down during an earthquake

The Loma Linda University Medical Center will be the first in the country engineered to move vertically


Exit, Ebola: Infection control and the hospital exit room

Exit room concept eliminates dangerous backtracking of contamination within a medical facility.


The future of healthcare design and construction? It’s factory made.

Technological advancements make it possible to manufacture many healthcare building components — think complete patient and treatment rooms — offsite, to be assembled onsite for higher quality, yet more-efficient construction


Designing emergency departments to shrink wait times

Healthcare organizations are looking to designers for practical solutions to emergency room inefficiency, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Technological advances are changing healthcare design

Architecture firms are using virtual reality (VR), 3-D modeling and drones, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Healthcare design adapts to industry changes

Healthcare experiencing changes to amenities and types/locations of hospital services


Fla. acute care hospital designed for seniors

The Villages Regional Hospital is one of the few hospitals built for an older population, according to an article on the healthcare Design website


Pa. hospital launches senior-specific ER program

The department was designed with subdued lighting, anti-slip flooring, handrails to assist with balance and lower beds


Biophilic design can support healing

Exposure to natural elements can aid in the healing process


Return to restorative roots: The impact of quality acoustic design in a healthcare setting

Good healthcare sound design considers both what patients don’t want to hear and what they do.



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