Maintenance and Operations

Upgrading plumbing systems can improve efficiency

Effectively diagnosing plumbing problems and performing successful upgrades can help minimize utility costs


Plumbing strategies to reduce HAIs

Bacteria lurking in the plumbing pipes and fixtures can contribute to HAIs


Healthcare facilities managers have a new charter: Creating an exceptional employee experience

Trends driving the evolving role of facilities managers as strategic experience design leaders


Flood waters swamp Jakarta hospital

Medical equipment may have been damaged


Bed bugs found in Toledo adult care facilities

State reports show the bugs infested every bedroom of one facility


Components that ensure a successful restroom upgrade

Toilets, urinals and faucets are key to upgrades that deliver water conservation and savings


How much does compensation matter when recruiting healthcare staff?

The fact that there is a significant and fast growing healthcare talent shortage should be very alarming to healthcare business leaders


Supporting patient care with streamlined facilities maintenance

It is imperative for the healthcare industry to employ efficient, effective and flexible construction procurement processes


Plumbing upgrades focus on health and hygiene

Water conservation, less maintenance and improved hygiene are all popular targets of system improvements


Study finds hospital sink traps may harbor antibiotic-resistant bacteria

CPE outbreaks are mostly attributed to patient-to-patient transmission via healthcare workers


California health system to use drones for deliveries

UC San Diego Health will partner with UPS on the project


Plumbing systems should be simple and reliable

Know the requirements and technical challenges of the healthcare facility plumbing system



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