Recent Webcasts about Healthcare Facilities Management

Webcast | 9/12/2023

A Facility Manager's Path to Operational Excellence and Patient Satisfaction

Webcast | 11/17/2022

Learn How to Manage, Track, and Resolve Electrical Asset and Network Issues Anytime, Anywhere

Webcast | 9/29/2022

5 Ways Technology Can Support Facility Maintenance, Sustainability, and Security

Webcast | 9/1/2021

Creating Operational Efficiencies with a Mobile Workforce

View this webinar panel of fellow operations professionals as they outline successful workflows to save time and resources in the areas that make the greatest impact, including cost-savings!

Webcast | 3/22/2021

Keeping Healthcare Facilities Operational

View this webcast as we take a look at two of the crucial aspects for facilities managers when running healthcare facilities – resilience and infection control.

Webcast | 6/25/2020

Integrated Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure

Information technology and infrastructure help hospitals manage the mounting pressures of reinventing delivery of care, regulatory scrutiny, competition, attracting the best staff, and improving patient outcomes and experience.

Webcast | 9/5/2019

Improving Healthcare Facilities Operations with Situational Awareness

Hospitals have traditional facility systems, but they are required to meet unique challenges to ensure the reliability and quality of patient care, while trying to reduce operating costs. The facility is critical to the mission of every hospital, and there must be operational transparency to ensure everything from hot water temperatures, steam availability, operating room air changes, and differential pressures are meeting requirements.

Webcast | 8/29/2019

Modern Space Visualization Technology & Its Impact on Healthcare Operations

How do you currently visualize your facilities today? Is it through the map in your head? Or maybe you take each floor plan out every time you need it? Whether you rely on your memory or drawings to represent your facilities, there is an easier way to map out your facilities, assets and compliance needs.

Webcast | 5/16/2019

Learn the Building Blocks of a Power Monitoring System and How to Yield Big Benefits from the Information

This webcast sheds light on how to design, implement and yield significant benefits from a power monitoring system. Attendees will learn how to use power monitoring system data to reduce facility operating and capital expenses, and how power event data analysis assists with maintenance and repair management.

Webcast | 8/22/2018

Creating Perfect Places to Heal Using IoT and Other Technologies

In this webcast, we will discuss a number of these approaches including how to enable visionary patient experiences, reduce clinical workloads, improve patient outcomes and streamline to reduce costs in renovated and new facilities.

Webcast | 3/15/2018

Life Safety for Non-Engineers

Accreditation Professionals who are typically nurses and not engineers, must engage their operational partners in ensuring compliance with the Life Safety Code. This webinar will provide you with tools and suggestions on how you can strengthen this partnership and how you can be fully aware of your organization's level of readiness for a full Life Safety Code survey.

Webcast | 1/25/2018

Compliance Efficiency Through the Power of Technology

In today's healthcare world, compliance is a way of life for everyone from the C-Suite to the maintenance and operations team. Join Dude Solutions to learn which specific compliance areas you should be focusing on, and how to implement compliance wins in your organization with the help of technology.


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