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Evolving healthcare design with virtual reality technology

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows for immediate experiences and on-demand reconfigurations at significantly lower costs than building physical mock-ups does


Designing for dementia patients

Access to nature can help orient older adults to time and place, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Healthcare design trends in 2020s

Design professionals offer predictions for the upcoming trends and challenges


It’s time to update your collaboration spaces

Companies that offer flexible geographic, collaborative and high-tech work environments have reported their workers are happier and more likely to stay with that place of employment


Smart windows for healthcare change tint automatically

Light-depleted patients and staff can only endure a few minutes of the day near regular windows before they start to get uncomfortable


Conference center converted to sports medicine complex

Inova Health System Sports Medicine complex includes 5,000-square-foot outdoor synthetic turf field designed for patient evaluation and performance enhancement, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Choosing a window wall vs. a curtain wall

Often less expensive and easier to install, window walls offer various ventilating styles and can offer improved sound transmittance between floors


Growing hospital energy costs can be managed

Low-hanging fruit includes turning off or reducing power to electronic equipment that is not being used


Calif. health system launches solar initiative across Central Valley

The project launched on Dec. 3, and involve placing solar arrays at Adventist Health hospitals in Hanford, Bakersfield and Tehachapi


Can energy models help healthcare facilities reduce energy use?

Energy models help designers and FMs make more informed decisions and better evaluate design trade offs to arrive at the most energy efficient solution.


How BIM improves healthcare facility design and operations

BIM is especially crucial for large and complex healthcare facilities because it can simplify operations, and make them more efficient


Tips for energy efficient healthcare facilities

Improving energy efficiency can be done in a few minutes a day


Healthcare facilities should be designed for safety

Decisions made during planning can have significant future effects - known as latent safety threats, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


California hospital gets half its energy from solar power

The system will generate 2.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable power per year


Hospital designs suite to calm patients undergoing MRI

The new wide-bore MRI at the OSF Centers for Health in Peoria, Ill., features a four-inch-larger tube


Biophilic design can impact wellness

Using natural construction materials like wood or granite with texture and grain that people can see and touch can help reduce stress and improve well-being


The value of daylighting, even with LEDs

Even when LEDs mimic sunlight, expert see LEDs as complementary to — but not replacing — daylighting strategies


Best practices for planning smart buildings

If the planning is done wrong, building owners and facility managers will be playing the fix-it and upgrade game to keep up


Solar power, other tech, can save hospitals money and energy

Technologies can help can cut costs and improve energy efficiency


Wisconsin hospital builds 'first of its kind' surgery floor

Froedtert Health Care's integrated procedural platform combines surgical and interventional care areas on a single, centrally located floor


Spending on energy efficiency means improving patient care

Running a hospital means taking the reins on your energy output by making smart energy-saving investments


Healthcare facilities are focusing on designing for flexibility

The ability to adapt and grow to patient needs, is a major concern when designing any kind of medical facility


Design of Unity Health Care Brentwood facility in D.C. focused on employee and patient experience

Unity Health Care Brentwood was recently recognized as a winner of the ASID Outcome of Design Awards


Cherokee Nation opens largest U.S. tribal outpatient health center

More than 600 pieces of Cherokee art are on display throughout the new outpatient health center



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