Food Service

Three UK hospital patients dead from listeria linked to pre-packaged sandwiches

Health agencies and local authorities are investigating the source of the infection


NY healthcare facilities may serve vegan alternatives

Bill would require hospitals and nursing homes to offer vegan options at every meal and snack to patients who request them


Fresh Food Farmacy receives Healthy Living Award

The Fresh Food Farmacy provides fresh, healthy food to patients


Doctors sick of fast food restaurants inside healthcare facilities

McDonald’s restaurant inside its major Macon, Ga., hospital is closing after a complaint by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


W.Va. VA healthcare facility makes healthy, tasty food a priority

More than 80% of the the VA Medical Center menu items are made from scratch


Canadian hospitals hope to cure their lackluster food

Initiative also aims to elevate the role of food as an important part of healing


Supersized food can mean undersized profits for healthcare facilities

When it comes to offering healthier food options in their cafeterias and gift shops, most U.S. hospitals may be 'penny wise and pound foolish'


Vancouver VA offers veterans freshly prepared meals

All cooking is done on site, on the same day


High-quality dining among trends in long-term care

Long-term care communities are also offering private and personalized apartments


'Call to Order’ room service available at Ontario hospitals

Program first introduced in 2011 before being expanded to other facilities


Hospital patients require better food service and it's improving bottom lines

Factors such as a general uptick in health conscious consumers have put food service on the front burner


Flexible foodservice design key in healthcare

As trends shift, operators must keep up with menu innovations and remain adaptable


Food service veteran expects continued heavy chef presence in hospitals

James McGrody, UNC Rex Healthcare, discusses industry and career


Rise in dementia leads to new food service options

Program addresses residents' potential malnutrition issues


Irish hospitals won't limit food high in sugar, salt and fat

Priority is to ensure patients get enough energy



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