Food Service

Reopening onsite restaurants in healthcare facilities

A limited menu, eliminated seating and enhanced cleaning policies can help the transition


How hospital food service can improve patient experiences and outcomes

Food is fundamental to the human experience, and that’s doubly true for the patient experience


Pop-up grocery stores popping into healthcare facilities

Foodservice company is converting existing retail space at healthcare facilities into 'pop-up' grocery stores to serve frontline healthcare workers


Hospital cutting food waste and cost

Providence Health trimming unnecessary food expenditures


Hospital patients require better food service and it's improving bottom lines

Factors such as a general uptick in health conscious consumers have put food service on the front burner


Supersized food can mean undersized profits for healthcare facilities

When it comes to offering healthier food options in their cafeterias and gift shops, most U.S. hospitals may be 'penny wise and pound foolish'


‘Scandal’ cast donates meals to South Side Chicago hospital

Roseland Community Hospital’s food service department has been shut down since March


Flexible foodservice design key in healthcare

As trends shift, operators must keep up with menu innovations and remain adaptable


Texas hospital turns cafe into pop-up market for employees

Medical Health Center Health System facility’s café saw uptick in business



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