Food Service

UL Certification Recognizes Food Service Safety

Mark provides objective evidence that food service operations in healthcare facilities and other settings meet key food safety criteria


How VA Figured Out Food Service During Pandemic

Goal was to provide guidance that would help foodservice teams at individual hospitals best manage their own situation


Rethinking Ergonomics for Food Service Workers

Specialists observed workers, noting how when and where they were lifting improperly, pulling, pushing and reaching


Hospital Says ‘Not So Fast’ to This Fast Food

Campaign persuades hospital to close Burger King


Food Service Supply Chain Issues Prompt Changes

Management team decided to create secondary menus to ensure they had backup plan


Food Program Reaches Beyond Hospital To Community

Objective is to provide nutritious food and education to help diabetic patients make healthy decisions


Food Service Options for Outside Dining Demands

Patients and families concerned with health are venturing outside more thanks to vaccine rollouts


Food Programs Adapt to COVID-19 Era

Instead of delivering meals to COVID-19 patients themselves, kitchen coordinates with nursing staff


Food Program Extends Healthy Meals Beyond Hospital Walls

Before discharge, patients choose meals from a menu that supports individual health needs


Program Targets Discharged Patients with Healthy Meals

Hospital also sent information to its 5,600 employees and 110 physician’s offices


How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Food Service

How can managers use staff effectively to deliver a quality product and meet customer expectations?


Rethinking Food Service in COVID-19 Era

University of California San Francisco Health relaunches delivery in main facility


COVID-19 Will Transform Food Service

Cost pressures probably will force dining programs to seek relief


Culinary Center Targets Hospitals and Resilience

Healthcare systems are seeking to prevent disease and health issues in communities by addressing social determinants of health


Changes to Food Programs Could Outlast COVID-19

Atlanta hospital has eliminated self-serve stations, room service-style patient menus, and cash


Food Programs Adapt in the COVID-19 Era

Service had to continue where many traditional models no longer were feasible


Flexible Food Program Responds to Pandemic

Programs had to rethink and revamp operations while still ensuring the health of patients


Hospital Targets Healthier Foods for Staff, Patients

Meal prep service helps people enjoy a stress-free, healthy meal at their convenience


Food Service Workers To Receive Early Vaccines

CDC recommendations for vaccination priorities acknowledge risks facing key employees in healthcare facilities


Food Programs in Senior Living Facilities Carry On

To deal with the COVID-10 pandemic, dining operations have had to change


Health System’s Food Offering Targets Sweet Tooth

The facilities have offered dessert stations before but never a complete station dedicated to chocolate


Rethinking Food Service in the COVID-19 Era

Managers in these operations no longer can use their tried-and-true ways of working


Food Programs Pivot in Response to Pandemic

Micromarkets have popped, offering an easy way for hospital workers to pick up items without entering grocery stores


Healthcare Facility Dining Programs Meet COVID With Innovation

At UF Health Shands Florida Hospital, dining staff started delivering food directly to COVID patients


Keeping The Hospital Cafeteria Safe During The Pandemic

A properly developed, executed and periodically reviewed plan is key


Geisinger Adjusts Food Service Operations

Employees can now order and pay through the hospitals’ payroll deduction system


How Hospital Food Service Can Improve Patient Experiences And Outcomes

Food is fundamental to the human experience, and that’s doubly true for the patient experience


Pa. Health System Adjusts Food Service During Pandemic

Geisinger’s former self-serve stations are all staffed and shielded


Senior Living Dining Program Works to Maintain Community

Nebraska facilities innovate in how they serve residents under restrictions


Mayo Clinic Opens A Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen

Clinic now a validated gluten-free 'safe spot'



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