Oregon Sends National Guard into Hospitals

Troops will perform non-medical work, such as being uniformed presence in anxiety-filled waiting rooms


Access Control Program Creates Secure Spaces to Work, Visit and Recoup

UVA Medical Center sees hundreds of patients daily, making security constant concern. This facility relies on policy, security officers and technology to keep security high.


Hospital Violence Continues To Escalate

Incidents reflect growing wave of attacks against front-line and support staff


Hospital Forms Own Police Department

Officers receive certified training suited to a hospital environment, such as assisting patients and families


Amid Worsening Pandemic, Hospital Attacks Continue

Even as delta variant drives up new hospitalizations, workers face ongoing threat of workplace violence


Rhode Island Healthcare Workers Get More Protection

Workers now have procedures to file complaints in the event of an assault or other illegal behavior


Workplace Violence Strikes Three Hospitals

Incidents in Baton Rouge, Nashville and Little Rock spotlight threats to employees


Protecting Healthcare Facilities and Assets Using Access Control

Facilities are vulnerable to security breaches and have their own specific areas of risks and threats


Hospitals’ Security Officers To Get Tasers, Body Cameras

Facilities have faced growing concern around safety for their patients and providers


$160.5 Million Hospital Stresses Security

New psychiatric facility has hundreds of cameras and is designed to minimize staff blind spots


VA Patient Deaths Lead to Bill on Security Cameras

Move comes after lapses that allowed nursing assistant to kill patients at West Virginia veterans hospital


Scissors Attack Leads to Lawsuit over Hospital Security

Lawsuit accuses hospital and its security team of "gross recklessness”


Face Facts: Security Issues and Facial Recognition Technology

More hospitals use technology to augment security programs to protect patients and staff


Spotlight: Resident Security Technology

With advances in resident security technology, facilities managers have access to range of helpful resources


SF Hospitals Rethink Use of Police for Security

Healthcare workers using de-escalation tactics would replace deputies


Stabbings Raise Security Alerts at Little Rock Hospitals

Four knife attacks caused local hospitals to double down on security


4 Tips for Better Healthcare Security

In 2020, hospitals saw PPE and COVID-19 vaccines walk out the back door. A security assessment and a comprehensive security system can prevent a recurrence.


City’s Hospitals Improve Parking Lot Lighting, Worker Safety

Investigation revealed hospitals nationwide fail to protect employees and visitors from violence


Hospital Security and Design: An Updated Resource

Publication emphasizes combating violence in healthcare using the built environment


Has Facial Recognition Come To Healthcare Facilities?

One Los Angeles hospital is among previously unreported users


Patient Attacks 6 in Hospital Parking Structure

Discharged patient arrested after allegedly assaulting five women and male security guard


Suspect Killed in Hospital Shooting

Police had escorted medics to emergency department, where suspect was to be checked for medical issue


University's Hospitals Ramp Up Security

Moves come in response to increasing reports of violence nationwide in healthcare settings


Patient Dies Falling from Fifth-Floor Window

Chair slammed against window multiple times shattered glass, worker says


Parking Lot Attack Prompts Hospital To Upgrade Security

Security guard will replace parking attendant and two additional cameras will be installed


Suspect Arrested for Bringing Guns, Bombs to Hospital

Situation closed several roads and hospital's emergency wing for several hours


Hospital Security Officer Helps Woman Deliver Baby

Owen had trained for such situations and, as a mother, knew about childbirth experience


Rethinking Security in the COVID-19 Era

MD Anderson improved hospital’s pandemic response with access control, visitor management and video surveillance


Resident Security Technology Offers Array of Benefits

Video surveillance systems can monitor resident safety and protect facilities from vandalism


Security Systems To Improve Workplace Wellbeing

Managers might not see security systems as go-to solution to create healthier building environments



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