Sustainable Operations

Sustainability, Waste Management and COVID-19

Materials protecting people from illness could cause long-term harm to public health and planet


Microgrids Help Ensure System’s Sustainability

Two issues spurred growth of microgrids: broader higher-acuity care and increased threat of natural disasters


Hospitals Renew Efforts To Cut Waste

Clinics and hospitals are among nation's top consumers of single-use plastics


Can High-Tech Healthcare Be Sustainable?

Modern hospitals are high energy users because of large plug loads from medical devices, lighting, and HVAC


Campaign Seeks To Increase Installation of EV Charging Stations

Group is teaming up with 29 other EV cooperatives to create a regional charging network


New COVID-19 Challenge: Minimizing PPE Waste

Managers seek to reduce the quantity of isolation gowns, gloves and masks discarded after use


Hospitals Prepare To Issue Service Prices

Hospitals must list standard prices for 300 shoppable services and the lowest prices they will accept


The Evolution Of Sustainability Post COVID-19

The pandemic has shown how sustainability in facilities must evolve to also include health and wellness strategies for building occupants


Decarbonizing Healthcare Facilities in a Post-Pandemic World

Decarbonizing a facility in a post-pandemic world first requires hospitals to determine what was changed and how drastically this may have impacted energy use


LEED Safety First Credits Embraced Quickly

Cleaning, indoor air quality and ventilation rates, and water system recommissioning are also strategies covered in the LEED Safety First credits


ER Waste Generation Examined

85 percent of all items disposed of as regulated medical waste, did not meet the criteria


Using Resources Wisely During COVID-19:

Waste and recycling options for healthcare facilities


New Jersey hospitals revamping supply chains for second wave

System plans to stockpile enough personal protective equipment to last 90 days


Sustainable hospital design reduces environmental impact while improving performance

By focusing on details such as building orientation, sustainably-sourced materials, better water systems, and increased daylighting, architects can design hospitals that are mindful of the environment


Project offers a look behind the curtain at WELL, Fitwel, and LEED

A recent project shows how sustainability and health and wellness complement each other


Maintaining a sustainable future for your healthcare facility

It's not a 'step-one-and-done' process; the ROI can have everyone seeing green


Green building in 2020 - what you need to know

Four main areas — sustainability, resilience, health and wellness, and value for investors — will be trending in 2020


The growing demand for transparency in all building spaces

To meet efficiency, optimization and carbon management goals, all the pieces of the puzzle must be considered


Greener healthcare facilities can impact climate change

Changes in the industry can play a major role in addressing the climate crisis


Eco-friendly strategies for healthcare facilities

Healthcare industry can identify areas to reduce environmental impact


California power outage disrupted patient care on Northern Coast

A majority of the state’s counties lost power for portions of October


U.S. health systems help assess Dorian-damaged Bahamian hospitals

Facilities experts helping determine whether to repair or replace


Strategies for sustainable grounds

Key sustainability considerations can enable managers to improve the performance and appearance of landscapes


Going green can save healthcare facilities millions

Analysis estimated that hospitals in the United States create just under 34 pounds of waste per staffed bed per day


S.C. children's hospital designed to withstand hurricane, earthquake at same time

The new MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital may be the safest building on the East Coast


Healthcare urged to address climate change issues

Climate change is not an imperceptible environmental process, but a bona fide public health crisis in the making


Hospitals are taking a more proactive approach to managing critical events

Healthcare facilities are working toward high resilience, safeguarding the continuity of services and ensuring the best patient outcomes


Oregon hospital planning for resiliency

The hospital has considered a variety of methods for resilient alternative power


Focusing on bond prevention is one sustainable snow strategy

Implementing best practices when using deicers can help keep surfaces clear


Family sues healthcare center after man dies during Hurricane Harvey

Suit alleges one of its properties was poorly prepared for the storm



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