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Integrated Chilled Beam System is a Cutting Edge, Two-in-One HVAC and Lighting Solution

April 18, 2017

Whether it’s energy, space or money, today’s buildings are expected to do more with less. Titus HVAC, the leader in air management, addresses that reality with VENTUS LUX, an integrated chilled beam system that combines the efficiency of chilled beams with that of LED lighting. The compact system is 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional overhead Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems, and buildings that incorporate VENTUS LUX into their designs are built faster, reducing fixed construction costs.

The premium system’s integration means architects and engineers deal with fewer installed components, not only simplifying installation, but also enabling a more visually appealing design – a necessity for high-profile projects. Future VENTUS LUX product enhancements will include other services and components such as smoke detectors and lighting controls, further streamlining the service installation process.

“A unit incorporating HVAC and other services into one system hadn’t yet been produced in the U.S. The VENTUS LUX fills the market void by offering an artful design with energy, space and cost savings,” said Ken Loudermilk, PE, senior chief engineer, Titus HVAC.

VENTUS LUX provides benefits beyond energy, space and cost savings. Its HVAC service relies primarily upon tempered chilled water, with 60 to 75 percent of the space cooling being accomplished by integral coils within the units. This means more compact ductwork and air handling units, reducing ceiling cavity heights and mechanical room footprints.

VENTUS LUX will be available in spring 2016 in pendant and recessed designs along with woodgrain and natural stone finishes. The system is ideal for high-end commercial office space, healthcare facilities and laboratories.

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