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NewTek NDI Version 3 Offers the Only End-to-End IP Video Solution for Product Manufacturers

July 17, 2017

NewTek announced NDI version 3, the third generation of its royalty-free IP video technology. This new version provides numerous advanced features and performance improvements while maintaining full forward and backward compatibility. Among dozens of other enhancements, NDI version 3 supports multicast with forwards error correction; a high efficiency mode suitable for wireless or long distance transmission; PTZ camera control and tally; improved encoding performance, and much more. In collaboration with multiple vendors, with this release NewTek is also announcing embedded NDI support for hardware devices such as cameras and a/v signal converters.

Since its introduction at IBC 2015, NDI has become the de facto industry standard for sharing IP video over a standard Ethernet network. Millions of NDI-enabled applications, devices and systems are in the hands of customers today. As well, NDI is increasingly lauded as a lingua franca connecting other IP video standards.

“NewTek is well known for pushing the boundaries of mainstream video technology. The important new capabilities in this version of NDI are just what you’d expect from NewTek – immediately useful, and surprisingly affordable” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “Countless producers and creators are already enjoying the creative possibilities and benefits of IP video courtesy of NDI’s adoption by nearly every major vendor. NDI version 3 firmly grounds our vision for the all-IP future of video production. With major new technologies like multicast and the introduction of end devices, the true IP revolution has arrived.”

“Panasonic is excited to dramatically advance forward our NDI partnership with NewTek by providing our mutual customers a new, innovative and streamlined experience.  With integrating built-in NDI in Panasonic’s line-up of professional integrated PTZ cameras and next generation switcher systems, we are furthering our IP video leadership across a broad spectrum of the video production market,” said Delix Alex, Product Manager, PTZ Cameras & IP Networking Systems for Panasonic Media Entertainment Company. “NDI version 3 has a bright future as a game-changing technology that moves IP based video production to a new level with camera acquisition technology that can fall right into an NDI network, instantly and with ease.”

“Converting HDMI and SDI signals easily and affordably into IP signals has been a major roadblock for millions of our users who want to take their XSplit-based productions to the next level,” said Andreas Hoye, chief operating officer for XSplit / SplitmediaLabs. “NDI version 3 creates the moment where this roadblock is removed for everyone and we cannot be more excited about the future.”

Version 3 of NDI represents the largest incremental change to the NDI SDK since its launch nearly two years ago. Here are some highlights chosen from among the dozens of changes, additions, and improvements:

·       Multicast Support with Forwards Error Correction

o   A single NDI source can now serve any number of destinations, limited only by network infrastructure. Multicast now supplements unicast support, enabling the best mode of operation to be implemented as appropriate

·       High Efficiency Mode – NDI|HX

o   Full resolution, full frame-rate video suitable for limited bandwidth wireless, remote, and large scale networks

·       Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera support

o   Standardizes video, audio, tally and camera control, providing the most convenient PTZ control configuration experience imaginable

o   Eliminates the need for separate control devices

·       Improved Encoding Performance

o   Encodes on a modern i7-based machine at rates similar to those listed below:

§  8K at 320fps, 4K at 1000fps, 1080p at 2500fps

·      Available as an easy-to-use SDK that can be downloaded and integrated into any application

Customers will benefit from the release of NDI 3.0 with products from BirdDog, Bluefish444, Microsoft Skype, NewBlueFX, OBS, Panasonic, PTZOptics, SplitmediaLabs – XSplit, Broadcast Pix, Ross Video, Telestream Wirecast and Gameshow, vMix, NewTek and many hundreds of others. 


The NewTek NDI version 3 SDK will be available for download in Q3 2017 at

For more information on NewTek please, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or connect with us on Facebook. 


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