Aquatherm SDR 9 Blue Pipe

The newest member of the Aquatherm polypropylene pipe family is Blue Pipe® SDR 9 MF RP. SDR, or standard dimension ratio, is a measurement of the thickness of the pipe’s walls — in this case, the walls are one-ninth of the pipe’s total diameter. MF stands for the pipe’s multi-layer, faser-composite construction that significantly reduces linear expansion at high temperatures. RP indicates the pipe’s ability to handle raised pressures. Blue Pipe SDR 9 MF RP is available in sizes ranging from 1 in. to 14 in.; some products can handle up to 180°F fluids at 100 psi. It offers improved performance and capabilities for applications such as high-pressure risers, high-temperature heating and district heating, and industrial process systems where a high safety margin is required. Additional information can be found at See the latest posts on our homepage


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