RD Industries Launches a New Tamper Evident Insert

Omaha, Nebraska April 5, 2019

RD Industries Tamper Evident Insert is the next generation of Closed Loop Technology that provides an extra ‘lock’ to secure the chemicals in the container.

The new Tamper Evident Insert takes “tamper-evident” to a new level with consumer safety being an ever-present and important issue in the workplace. RD Industries; Tamper Evident Insert features lugs that provide a secondary ‘lock” in the bottleneck that adds another layer to help prevent leaks, spills, to protect people and vital resources.

“The RD Industries’ Tamper Evident Insert takes chemical containment and safety to the next level for anyone looking to enhance their current or start a new Closed Loop System, said Rod Laible, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RD Industries. The Tamper Evident Insert is a positive step forward building consumer confidence and developing a hermetic connection to keep products contained which reinforces the RD Industries goal of making every container safe.”

The Tamper Evident Insert is ideal for containing chemicals of all velocities. It will require an average of 40-50 pounds of force to remove the insert from the bottleneck of the container, which is equivalent to the weight of a 22-inch carry-on suitcase that you plan to store in the overhead compartment of an airplane.

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