Ceiling Features Fully-Concealed Suspension System

Lyra Concealed ceiling panels from Armstrong Ceiling Solutions offer a monolithic visual in large format panels that fully conceal the suspension system. The smooth-textured ceiling panels combine the monolithic look of drywall with downward accessibility for projects with minimal plenum heights.

With an Articulation Class (AC) of 190 and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.95, Lyra Concealed ceiling panels provide outstanding acoustical performance in open plan areas.

Large Format Panels

Lyra Concealed ceiling panels are available in standard 48-by-48-inch, 30-by-30-inch, 24-by-48-inch, 24-by-72-inch, and 24-by-96-inch panel sizes. The fiberglass panels install easily on a new or existing Prelude 15/16 inch XL suspension system.
The panels have an energy-efficient, high light-reflective white finish. They have a smooth, clean, durable surface that is washable, scratch-resistant, and soil-resistant. The panels have a 30-year guarantee against visible sag, mold, and mildew and are made with up to 71 percent recycled content. They can be ordered along with matching Blizzard White fixture trim kits for a clean, finished look around lights and diffusers.

Lyra Concealed ceiling panels are recommended for use in open plan areas, auditoriums, areas with limited plenum depth, and/or indirect lighting systems.

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