AJ Manufacturing Introduces the Criti-Clean Ultra – the First Fan Filter Unit with Airflow Capacity up to 1100 CFM.

AJ Manufacturing, an industry leader in stainless steel air distribution products for critical environments, has introduced a re-designed and re-engineered version of its popular Criti-Clean fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser. The revolutionary new “Criti-Clean Ultra” offers an unprecedented output capacity of up to 1100 CFM with the 48"x24" model.

“We’re very proud to deliver on three key customer needs with our new Criti-Clean Ultra,” said Rob Haake of AJ Manufacturing. “The 50% increase in capacity – combined with better energy efficiency and quieter operation – sets this new FFU apart from all others in the industry.”

Ideal for hospital operating rooms, clean rooms and other critical environments, the new Criti-Clean Ultra provides constant airflow as high as 1100 CFM, automatically compensating for changes in filter load, static pressure and more. The unit runs both energy efficiently (only 25 watts at 90 FPM) and quietly (only 39 DBA at 450 CFM).

The Criti-Clean Ultra features stainless steel construction with an all-welded plenum, a computer-controlled variable-speed ECM motor, room-side digital CFM display/control, room-side access to the HEPA or ULPA filter with optional access to the motor and/or electronics, optional built-in surgical grade LED lights, and the ability to map and control up to 2,000 linked units.

Available in 48"x24", 36"x24" and 24"x24" sizes, the Criti-Clean Ultra is also available in reverse flow, recirculating, and heating/cooling models. For more information, call
1-816-231-5522 or visit www.ajmfg.com.

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