Construction and Design - June 2020

Behavioral health facility design sends a message

The design of a psychiatric unit is about more than safety


Healthy design choices can support patients' wellbeing

Even small changes in design elements such as room layouts, wall color and flooring choices improved both patient and staff moods


The impact of blue light on patients at night

Light is critical to our health because it helps synchronize the biological clock that maintains our circadian rhythms


Keeping patients safe in major hospital renovations and expansions

Insight on best practices learned from Houston Methodist project


How healthcare facility design can improve patient well-being

Exposure to daylight and acoustical and thermal comfort are key


COVID-19 challenges us to rethink clinical workflow

Changes in the healthcare industry are placing greater importance on the point-of-care ecosystem


Top healthcare facility renovation pain points

The project timeline must be carefully managed to avoid disruptions in patient care


Healthcare design after COVID-19

Experts see a number of areas where they see change coming, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Coronavirus emergency could change hospital design

Facility design changes have become necessary


Financial office design inspires healthcare facility

New amenities for financial services office lead to ideas for medical settings, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Flooring: a low-touch surface with high stakes infection consequences

Experts say it’s important to view flooring as part of the chain of infection


Purposeful design can help fight a pandemic

Healthcare environments can assist in the prevention, containment and treatment of infectious disease


Hurricane Florence repairs nearly complete at North Carolina hospital

Another hurricane season is approaching as the work is finished



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