Ready, Set, Inspect: How to prepare for an unannounced inspection on your first day

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It's your first day on the job — or you got that promotion that you have been waiting for. With today’s assessment approach requiring medical facilities to be in a state of constant readiness, are you prepared for a surprise inspection – from the Joint Commission, the local health department or any variety of state agencies? How is a facility manager, new to a campus, assured that the buildings and staff are ready for the rigors of an unexpected survey? This webcast, presented by David Stepelevich of Healthcare Building Solutions, Inc., highlights the key elements of compliance and will help you prepare for a healthcare facility inspection, even when you’re not expecting one. You’ll learn what to do – and what NOT to do – before the survey team knocks on your door.

Register today for this free webcast and you will...

  • Learn how to conduct a thorough assessment of your facility for compliance
  • Develop adequate staff training and resources
  • Review how to implement practice inspections to ensure readiness
  • Understand what not to do in preparing for an inspection

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