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Creating Perfect Places to Heal Using IoT and Other Technologies

In this webcast, we will discuss a number of these approaches including how to enable visionary patient experiences, reduce clinical workloads, improve patient outcomes and streamline to reduce costs in renovated and new facilities.


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Preparing Your Facility for Analytics

Watch the free webcast "Preparing Your Facility for Analytics" where we will explore the potential for "big data" and "analytics" in a healthcare setting, and cover some of the common challenges and how to prepare for them.


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Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management Webcast Series
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The Affordable Care Act and its Impact on Technology Purchasing

The Affordable Care Act promises to increase health insurance coverage for millions of Americans and at the same time, bring down health system costs, as more healthy individuals would be paying into the system. The long-term success of the ACA remains to be seen, but there are current - and very real - consequences for healthcare facilities and the teams that manage them.



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