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Preparing Your Facility for Analytics

Watch the free webcast "Preparing Your Facility for Analytics" where we will explore the potential for "big data" and "analytics" in a healthcare setting, and cover some of the common challenges and how to prepare for them.


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The Data Driven Healthcare Facility: Making the Journey

This webinar highlights the journey to become Data Driven Facilities as experienced by two healthcare organizations; The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) and Grays Harbor Community Hospital.


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Infection Prevention and Critical Environments

There has been a high level of emphasis within the healthcare industry to reduce the rate of hospital acquired infections. Critical environments play an important role as it relates to this topic, as well as in terms of the delivery of care. This webcast explores the topic of Infection Prevention and Critical Environments by exploring the costs associated with hospital acquired infections as well as reviewing studies on the topic of air quality and hospital acquired infections.


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Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management Webcast Series
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Building Commissioning for Hospitals

Building performance is important for all building types, and especially critical to hospitals, which are the second most energy-intensive building type. Existing building commissioning is a quality-based process that effectively identifies and corrects building performance shortfalls and minimizes energy waste in all types of buildings.


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Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management Webcast Series
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The Affordable Care Act: Preparing your Facility for Value-Based Purchasing

A key component of the ACA, Value-Based Purchasing (VPB) was designed to transform Medicare from a passive payer of claims to an active purchaser of value-and in the process establish a pay-for-performance reimbursement program under the law.


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Trends in Healthcare Facilities Management Webcast Series
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The Affordable Care Act and its Impact on Technology Purchasing

The Affordable Care Act promises to increase health insurance coverage for millions of Americans and at the same time, bring down health system costs, as more healthy individuals would be paying into the system. The long-term success of the ACA remains to be seen, but there are current - and very real - consequences for healthcare facilities and the teams that manage them.


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Top Joint Commission Compliance Topics 3 of 3
Unlocking the Code - The key to meeting Joint Commission requirements is in properly interpreting and understanding NFPA codes

This webinar takes a closer look at some of the most challenging requirements under EC.02.03.05, with a cross-walk directly to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 codes and standards, along with recommended best practices to assist in demonstrating a hospital's compliance with the code.


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Top Joint Commission Compliance Topics 1 of 3
Best Practices for Meeting Documentation and Joint Commission Requirements -Testing and Inspection of Fire and Life Safety Systems

The Joint Commission standard EC.02.03.05 within the Environment of Care chapter repeatedly makes The Joint Commission's top ten list of most frequently cited standards. Therefore, it is of particular concern as a hospital prepares for its accreditation survey. There are many pitfalls to compliance, not only with performance of the tests, but also with the documentation of that performance.


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Infection Control: Breaking the Chain of Infection

In any workplace's war against infection, the enemy is aggressive, and ever-changing. As viruses like C. diff, MRSA and VRE become more resistant, the proper cleaning tools and procedures are vitally important to eradicating outbreaks. Equally important is educating employees on their need to follow specific cleaning protocols to break the chain of infection.


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Ready, Set, Inspect: How to prepare for an unannounced inspection on your first day

This webcast, presented by David Stepelevich of Healthcare Building Solutions, Inc., highlights the key elements of compliance and will help you ace your healthcare facility inspection, even when you're not planning on one. You'll learn what to do, and what NOT to do, before the survey team knocks on your door.


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Healthcare Facility Benchmarking: How to get started

Presented by Alan Whitson, President of The Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, this webcast will introduce you to the concept of benchmarking in a healthcare setting, and how the resulting data can be used to manage your costs and resources effectively.



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