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Integrating Efficiency into Healthcare-A Life Cycle Approach

This webcast examines how properly designed and executed, the Integrated Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure will improve financial performance, improve patient and staff safety, simplify regulatory practices, and increase patient satisfaction, staff productivity and retention. The Integrated Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure approach is designed to utilize the intelligence inherent to facility infrastructure technologies, and implement them in a manner to make it simple for operators to realize optimal efficiencies from facilities now, and in the future.


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The Data Driven Healthcare Facility: Making the Journey

This webinar highlights the journey to become Data Driven Facilities as experienced by two healthcare organizations; The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) and Grays Harbor Community Hospital.


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Healthcare Facility Benchmarking: How to get started

Presented by Alan Whitson, President of The Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, this webcast will introduce you to the concept of benchmarking in a healthcare setting, and how the resulting data can be used to manage your costs and resources effectively.


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6 Ways to Optimize Your Electrical Distribution System

This webcast will address industry trends and best practices that will help you maximize the investment and enable facilities to address employee safety and equipment reliability when new electrical distribution products are installed.



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