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Learn the Building Blocks of a Power Monitoring System and How to Yield Big Benefits from the Information

This webcast sheds light on how to design, implement and yield significant benefits from a power monitoring system. Attendees will learn how to use power monitoring system data to reduce facility operating and capital expenses, and how power event data analysis assists with maintenance and repair management.


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Integrating Efficiency into Healthcare-A Life Cycle Approach

This webcast examines how properly designed and executed, the Integrated Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure will improve financial performance, improve patient and staff safety, simplify regulatory practices, and increase patient satisfaction, staff productivity and retention. The Integrated Healthcare Facilities Infrastructure approach is designed to utilize the intelligence inherent to facility infrastructure technologies, and implement them in a manner to make it simple for operators to realize optimal efficiencies from facilities now, and in the future.


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Incorporating Green Cleaning Into Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, doctors' offices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare settings have strict requirements for cleaning and disinfecting. Is there a place for green products in these environments? This webcast will identify which products and equipment will meet high cleaning and infection control standards, but also won't harm the environment.



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