Safety - August 2013

WHO hand hygiene strategy feasible and sustainable

Two-year study showed marked improvement at multiple sites around the world


Focus on patient's role in hospital safety

Encouraging assertiveness can diminish risk in an effective safety culture


Rockford hospitals lauded for storm readiness

Three hospitals and 48 public schools recognized by The National Weather Service


Free decontamination self-assessment offered

Hospitals can download free tool to evaluate their own procedures


Hospital disaster preparation evolves

Emergency preparedness grants fuel activity after Hurricane Sandy and Boston bombings


High-tech equipment used to reduce infant abductions

Ankle-band transmitters help Virginia hospital staff keep babies safe


Foundation awards grant to study hospital patient falls

Researchers will try to identify design elements that may contribute to mishaps.


Whose responsibility is hospital safety?

When it comes to hospital safety, experts say patients should question cleanliness to prevent infections.


Registries helped track infections in health care facilities

Regional patient registries may be useful in tracking the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections between health care facilities.


Infections may be getting two surprise foes

Research suggests that copper surfaces and cold plasma could be weapons against bacteria


Location may trump numbers for hand rub dispenser effectiveness

According to a study in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, at a certain point increasing the number of hand rub dispensers is less important than their location in encouraging use.


HHS says photocopiers should be part of data security review

As part of the announcement that Affinity will pay a more than $1.2 settlement for a breach of security, The Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights says that healthcare organizations need to consider photocopy machines when examining their data security.


Hospitals building coalitions to ensure business continuity

Hospitals are forming coalitions to respond collaboratively to disasters, partly because federal funding is linked to joint efforts to deliver effective health care during an emergency.


NFPA drops new emergency power requirement

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has dropped a requirement for adding an indicator light on each receptacle on emergency power.


Testing fire alarms is critical part of installation

Testing to ensure newly installed fire alarm systems are working correctly is a critical part of the installation process.


Boston bombing tests area hospital's disaster response plans

The Boston Marathon bombings tested the disaster response plans of the Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as other local hospitals.


Ultrasound accepted for fire system pipe testing

There is more than one method to comply with NFPA 25, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems' internal pipe testing requirements.



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