Maintenance and Operations - January 2014

Bedpans get new cleaning solution

With the exception of the U.S., most industrialized nations now use mechanized bedpan washing technologies


California lawmaker to introduce bill for oversight reforms of elderly care facilities

Bill would also increase training, and require facilities with residents who have restricted or specialized health conditions to employ trained medical personnel


Hospital presentation facilities have unique needs

The right lecterns and sound systems for healthcare settings must fit with the location and purpose


CMS issues update to equipment maintenance guideline

Memo requires all hospital medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment to be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommended standards


Florida hospitals serving organic, locally grown food

St. Vincent's Clay County, other hospitals focusing on 'superfoods,' locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as all-natural meat, fish and poultry


Hospital parking fees angering patients

Some hospitals lowering fees after patient complaints. Many suburban or rural areas facilities don't charge for parking.


Medical waste management training portal launched

Portal provides information on U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and U.S. Department of Transportation regulations


New Year's resolutions for hospital CFOs

CFOs urges to invest, conserve, challenge the status quo and take calculated risks


Clinics more efficient, cost-effective, health officials say

Healthcare efficiency trends are causing a California county clinic construction boom


Cut materials waste in surgery centers

Overstocking inventory the biggest culprit in waste


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to 're-educate' staff about waste disposal

A box of syringes found at a landfill last week was traced back to a UPMC hospital


How to make the case for hospital infrastructure funding

Getting depreciation funding often involves selling the maintenance mission and needs a multifaceted approach.


Boston firm helps hospitals share expensive equipment

Fleet of vans and specially trained movers help hospital systems lower costs by sharing equipment among different facilities


Michigan health system offering 'Healthy Meals to Go' program

Covenant HealthCare Nutrition Services can provide nutritionally evaluated meals for discharged patients with special diets


A facility portfolio analysis can assist master planning

Portfolio prioritization is one key piece of information to evaluate when considering funding projects


Australian healthcare system maintains unisex wards despite complaints

Queensland Hospital patients report embarrassment and awkwardness of sharing a hospital ward with the opposite sex


UPS opens expanded healthcare distribution facility in Ontario

New addition provides healthcare companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers with a total 600,000 square feet of temperature and humidity controlled environments


Northwestern Memorial elevates food service with improved restaurants

Rising consumer expectations feed growth of hospital restaurant options


Streamlining instrument tray cleaning

Sterile processing department can be weighed down by many unnecessary and inefficient steps


Irish hospitals going tobacco-free

Smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the grounds of healthcare facilities


Facility management value to patient care demonstrated through benchmarking

Data shows highest facility operating costs occur for maintaining buildings at 16 to 20 years


Pennsylvania hospitals may skip some state reviews

Pennsylvania Department of Health can grant "deemed status" for licensure purposes to hospitals that have been accredited by national accreditation organizations


Mix of air purification methods helps indoor air quality

Combining ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light and gas-phase air purification with photo catalytic oxidation called a a new and powerful tool


ASHE app offers resources to go

Mobile site includes regulatory updates, news, educational opportunities


Making parking easier for the baby boomer generation

Design of healthcare facility parking lots and parking spaces should be considered when planning for more elderly drivers


Tennessee health system to retain outside vendors during $10 million renovation of food services

Erlanger assures staff that new food service contract won't drop favorite eateries


New EPA clean air rules will affect hospital power systems

Regulations limit allowable exhaust emissions and changed the rules applying to certain types of system operations



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