Safety - October 2015

Surprisingly common crimes committed in hospitals

Slide show highlights the types of incidents that hospitals might not be as well prepared for as they should


Q&A on comingling oxygen cylinders

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about comingling oxygen cylinders


Healthcare disaster prep should focus on kids

Disasters' effects on children may be more significant because environmental hazards may affect them more quickly


Q&A on storage in a separation of different occupancies

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about separation of different occupancies


Reviewing Ebola waste disposal protocols

Reassessment of the efficiency of methods determined in last year's outbreak urged


Assessing risk in behavioral healthcare facilities

The occurrence of inpatients harming themselves or others is increasing


N.J. hospital runs gunman protocol drill

Hospital employees also are trained in the health system's disaster response through computer modules


Hospital's fire safety fixes to cost millions

A recent report says fire safety failures stretching back years have the potential to put staff and patients at 'intolerable risk'


Study says chemicals, UV rays cut superbug transmissions

Using a combination of chemicals and UV light to clean patient rooms cut transmission of four major superbugs by a cumulative 30 percent


Healthcare facilities avoid tripping hazards, bacteria seams in restrooms

Combination toilet/shower rooms are sometimes called universal design


Q&A on storage in a corridor

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about storage in a corridor


Ohio county considering portable hospital

Location and volunteers sought for emergency facility


NFPA 99 for existing facilities addresses power strips

Overlooking these requirements can be costly


14 salmonella isangi infections reported at Detroit hospital

State health officials and Henry Ford Hospital staff are working to figure out the cause of the outbreak


Joint Commission issues alert on fall prevention

Sentinel Event Alert 55 addresses preventing falls and fall-related injuries in healthcare facilities


Infection control goes beyond hand washing

Purchasing equipment, protection during construction and preparing for disasters are part of infectious disease specialist's role



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