Safety - March 2015

Chlorine sewage treatment may be boosting antibiotic resistance

Early studies are showing that chlorine treatment may encourage the formation of new antibiotics that could also enter the environment, potentially contributing to antibiotic resistance


California senior facility's needs meant challenging fire sprinkler system installation

Project involved moving residents one story of the building at a time while work took place


Determining eyewash station requirements, placement

There aren't many locations that actually require eyewash stations


Q&A on electrical outlets and oxygen cylinders

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about electrical outlets and oxygen cylinders


A third of Manitoba care facilities don't have sprinklers

Province says all facilities will have sprinkler systems in the next ten years


Survey shows one in three hospitals showing rise in violence

Forty-six percent of the respondents reported increasing their security budgets in 2014


Explore differences in how staff and senior management perceive risks

A gap in perceptions of the level of risk often emerges between the people closest to the danger and those at some distance


Input sought on increasing the allowable smoke compartment in hospitals

National Fire Protection Association proposing change for the 2018 revision of the 2015 edition of NFPA 101 Life Safety Code


Nebraska Medical Center shares Ebola protocols

Nebraska Biocontainment Unit shares information on Ebola patient discharge, handling a patient's body after death and environmental disinfection


Design changes suggested after Australian nursing home fire kills 14

Coroner suggests doors and corridors should be constructed to enable rapid movement of beds in emergencies


Working in healthcare becoming a risky business

Healthcare workers in general, and ED staff in particular, face a huge risk of violence


Hospitals preparing for every infectious disease

Potential cases of highly infectious diseases have left hospitals on high alert


California working on hospital violence standards

Division of Occupational Safety and Health issued a draft regulatory proposal that would require healthcare employers to develop workplace violence prevention plans


British Columbia attacks on nurses blamed on lack of compliance

Every B.C. health authority has been penalized after violent incidents in their facilities


Alaska hospital takes part in 3-day disaster drill

South Peninsula Hospital to simulate a mass casualty, mass fatality, partial evacuation and the creation of an alternate care site


How healthcare facilities can minimize vulnerability to shootings

Risk management experts recommend that all healthcare facilities have a disaster preparedness and emergency operation plan


Q&A on sleeping suites

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about sleeping suites


Shootings raising safety concerns at hospitals

Death of a Boston surgeon was another in an increasingly frequent series of 'active shooter' incidents in U.S. healthcare facilities


Indiana hospital flushes water system after Legionella infections

Two infections at IU Health LaPorte Hospital lead the facility to flush its water system


U.K. hospital withholds loan payments over fire issues

Peterborough City Hospital withholds 1.4m-pound payment to private finance initiative


At VA Hospitals, technology reduces nurses' injuries

The Loma Linda hospital is reducing the rate of lifting injuries by investing in equipment, training


An infection control expert's week

An infection prevention and control nurse specialist at the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin writes of a 'typical' week


N.C. health system steps up CRE screening, cleaning efforts

Carolinas HealthCare System screening for CRE, isolating infected patients and taking extra steps to decontaminate their rooms


Lifting injuries growing issue for nurses

Hospitals can prevent many of those injuries with special equipment to move patients



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