Environmental Services - March 2016

Study looks at disinfection of mobile devices

Healthcare facilities must clean mobile surfaces properly


Atlanta hospital upgrades environmental services

Gwinnett Medical Center maintains its operating budget while servicing more square footage


CDC compares hospital cleaning methods

Research aims at narrowing down best practices for reducing HAIs


Infection rates decline at Florida hospital

Infection rates decreased at Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital after the hospital began using germ-zapping robots


Lean approach can boost OR cleaning efficiency

Operating rooms often feel pressure for quick turnover times


UV mobile device sterilizer designed to reduce contamination

Device management system disinfects mobile devices while charging, syncing and managing them


Minnesota hospitals best-rated rooms

Five hospitals were recognized by patients for having the cleanest rooms


Lean initiatives can help healthcare facilities' environmental services' bottom line

A recent survey reported that most healthcare environmental services leaders have felt pressure to keep costs down


ES staff forms choir to boost patient engagement

The University of North Carolina Hospitals Environmental Services Gospel Choir has changed the perception of what the housekeeping team is capable of doing


Benchmarks for hospital room cleaning times

Hospital room cleaning-time benchmarks should be specific with regard to room type, cleaning procedure and whether isolation precautions were present



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