Information Technology - April 2016

Technology modernizes Illinois hospital's emergency planning

Software centralizes critical building information for first responders


Hospitals are adopting high-tech innovations

3-D printed building models, telemedicine drones and mega RFID systems among the advances


Maintaining data security while moving

Healthcare data security must remain a top priority, even when changing locations


Hospital uses real-time location system to improve security, safety and operations

The system uses the hospital’s Wi-Fi network to provide real-time updates on the status and location of patients, caregivers and equipment throughout the hospital


Trends in technology for patient care

A new white paper explores why and how technology can play a crucial role in influencing the patient experience


Technology can boost healthcare facility operations

Facilities are using technology to cut down on paper and increase efficiency


Internet of Things growing in healthcare facilities

As data become easier to share, the impact will increase


Integrating capital planning and facility management

For these groups to attain alignment of purpose and resources, each group needs visibility into the data



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