Information Technology - June 2016

Architect discusses technology’s role in improving healthcare

Healthcare Design asks architect Mary Frazier what in healthcare design has her attention at the moment


Predictions for bump in healthcare cybersecurity threats realized

Data breaches in the healthcare industry have been steadily increasing


Narrow wavelength of UV light safely kills drug-resistant bacteria

Potentially safe and cost-effective way to reduce surgical site infections


Healthcare Internet of Things can improve patient care

Healthcare organizations are advancing their big data strategies by creating an ecosystem of data


AZ healthcare system reports exposure of employee information

Data security breach reported after a break-in


VCU Health uses patient engagement cart to help tetraplegia patients

Patient engagement system supports a laptop directly overhead of immobile patients


Aging population expected to create huge senior-care market

By 2020, 117 million Americans are expected to need assistance of some kind


Internet of Things is disrupting healthcare

Distributed healthcare is the idea that by physically de-centralizing healthcare services better care can be provided


How to hire and retain a healthcare data security staff

Study says the difficulty in hiring and keeping security experts on staff hampers healthcare facility efforts to secure data


Off-site patients stay connected with wearable devices

Wearable medical devices and other technology can help patients stay on track


Healthcare facility workflow improved by Internet of Things

Analyzed data can boost quality and efficiency


Healthy wireless signals in hospitals

Many leading hospitals are already embracing wireless technology as a means of enhancing both patient care and productivity


Healthcare focusing on millennials

Industry shifting to keep up with this new generation


Analytics alone don’t save money

Meaningful bottom-line results come from the implementation of recommendations identified by evaluating analytics. The change is a result of people and processes.



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