Infection Control - June 2016

Gloves shown to transfer bacteria between surfaces

Study suggests gloves play role in transferring bugs


Preventing spread of common superbugs

Interventions can reduce the overall incidence of HAIs


Infection control credited for curbing MERS in dialysis unit

Surveillance and isolation interventions were conducted in a dialysis unit in Seoul


Pasadena hospital deals with infection crisis

Three patients who died last year were infected with the bacteria after having procedures involving endoscopes


Infographic explores touchscreen hygiene in healthcare facilities

With everything from x-ray screens to ultrasound touchscreens to bedside portals, more screens pose more risk of spreading infection


Legionella found in Allegheny General Hospital water tanks

Patients and staff in the Snyder Pavilion and Cancer Center were told not to drink the water or use certain ice machines


Pictures of bacteria increases hand-washing compliance

Staff members were shown pictures of bacterial colonies similar to those found on their skin


Healthcare facility mobile phone use may pose infection risk

Mobile phones can spread germs if hospital staff don't wash their hands after using them


N.Y. healthcare facility restricts water use over Legionnaires' threat

Jamesville nursing home is not allowing residents to drink tap water


Infection scare forces hospital to cancel almost 200 operations

Air filtration system, operating rooms are sanitized


Environmental services strategies for common superbugs

New materials can help improve patient care


Hand-hygiene video tracks healthcare workers' hands

Video tracks all of the people and surfaces healthcare personnel touch in one day


'Ick factor' shown to boost hand-hygiene compliance

Visual cues will get healthcare workers to clean their hands more often


Germ-zapping robots boost OR infection control

Study shows 46 percent decrease in surgical-site infections after a Massachusetts hospital used disinfecting robots in its operating rooms


Two new Elizabethkingia cases found in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Health Services says number of confirmed infections in the state is now 63


Water restrictions, testing for legionella continue at N.Y. healthcare facility

Engineered filters on all shower heads, bottled water and bagged ice are being used


Filter removes viruses from water

A paper sheet made by scientists at Uppsala University can remove resistant viruses



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