Environmental Services - January 2017

More cleaning staff at hospitals urged

The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions says there isn’t sufficient cleaning staff to keep hospitals clean


Technology's impact on hospital hygiene is growing

New survey says modernized healthcare equipment can have a significant impact


Cuts to environmental services staff lead to rise in hospital-acquired infections, study says

Union representatives drew a relationship between hospital underfunding and a rise in preventable deaths


Healthcare facility environmental services managers share top concerns

Role of the environmental services department in patient care often underestimated


Designing for long-term care infection control

Designers should take every opportunity to protect against possible bacterial and infectious agents


Flu sweeping through Canadian nursing facilities linked to 15 deaths

Seventeen care facilities in British Columbia are believed to be affected


Hospital trust called pest controllers more than once a week last year

The trust in Cumbria, U.K., called in pest controllers 58 times during the 2015/16 year


Healthcare facility's environmental services team behind infection prevention and control efforts

Infection prevention and control team at Salisbury District Hospital focuses on patient safety


Dead mice, insects found near facility's instrument sterilization area

Officials are advising patients to get tested for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV



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