Information Technology - November 2017

Telemedicine could be impacted by loss of net neutrality

Rural healthcare organizations could be hurt by policy changes


The foundation to build an interoperable ecosystem: APIs

Short for Application Programming Interfaces, APIs are like connectors that allow you to access information on your application or software.


Reasons why telehealth is gaining momentum

New bills in Congress are helping the implementation of telehealth programs


Infographic: Healthcare facilities should use the cloud

Anything that can make a facility leaner, more efficient and more effective can make a huge difference


Cybersecurity white paper available

In recent years, cyber threats have become increasingly sophisticated


White paper on infrastructure best practices available

Paper offers advice for organizations that both own and operate their own data centers


Cybersecurity, digital failures called top hospital hazards

The ECRI Institute releases its list of top healthcare technology hazards for 2018


Transforming the digital experience in healthcare

Digital transformation might be more complex in healthcare than any other industry


The ABC of FHIR: Reinventing interoperability

FHIR is the latest standard to be developed under HL7 and is expected to contribute significantly to improving patient care, countering the barriers to interoperability, boosting information sharing, and unboxing innovation in healthcare


Could technology have prevented Carolinas HealthCare System’s $6.5 million lawsuit?

Healthcare facilities are required to accurately represent the services they are providing to patients


Hospitals urged to be ready for 5G connectivity

Policies must evolve to allow the tech to reach full potential



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