Maintenance and Operations - March 2017

Energy resilience bank focusing on hospitals

Bank will help four New Jersey hospitals stay up and running during outages


360 degree photo spheres used to capture information for healthcare facility

Minneapolis medical center uses panoramic photos to maintain building


Materials management supported by efficiently designed spaces

Nurses can spend 20 percent or more of their total time performing fundamental materials management tasks


Human capital management for the healthcare industry: What to look for

Healthcare organizations need to locate and manage talent that will support their unique operational objectives


Technology advances fuel demand for new healthcare equipment

How to finance new equipment in 2017


Texas hospital ready for hazardous material emergencies

Parkland Memorial Hospital decon unit deals with chemical exposure situations


Pre-fab bathroom pods deliver luxury to go

The Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center plugged in high-end modular bathrooms as part of its tight construction schedule


Height-adjustable bathroom fixtures can make life easier for people with mobility challenges

Fixtures have been designed to allow quick and easy height and position adjustability


Survey suggests better supply chain management supports patient safety

A quarter of hospital staff with 'good' processes have seen or heard of expired product being used on a patient



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