Information Technology - April 2017

VDI can boost IT security for healthcare facilities

Virtual desktop infrastructure solutions use an on-site or cloud-based data center to host an organization's files, data and applications


Hacked healthcare records could harm patients

Experts say we need to be sure that these practices and products are better and not just creating potential for further resistance


Real-time locating system can reduce patient wait times

System that uses small locating badges worn by both patients and employees


Telemedicine saves rural hospital from bankruptcy

Idaho healthcare facility integrates tech-based approaches to care


Virus sends N.Y. healthcare facility back to paper systems

A computer virus created an electronic health record outage


Building bridges between application developers and IT through cloud

Developers are the backbone of many businesses, and meeting their needs while also adhering to IT best practices requires strong management processes


Enterprise resource management drives Triple Aim compliance: Five keys to completing the quest

The three components of the Triple Aim complement and overlap the need to reduce enterprise risk.


How I stopped worrying and learned to love the gateway

The four benefits of using a gateway in your IoT design


IoT usage in healthcare facilities

A recent paper examines some of the ethical considerations


Master planning healthcare wireless networks

Healthcare facilities should assess current and future needs


Massachusetts hospital has launched an interactive map and virtual tour platform

The map, built by concept3D using its atlas3D platform, is navigable via desktop and mobile device


Insiders linked to majority of February healthcare data breaches

Thirty-one healthcare breach incidents were reported in the month



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