Energy and Power - October 2019

California’s blackouts reveal healthcare’s fragile power system

How do you provide care without electricity?


Net-metering officials financial benefits for solar

The best way to make solar financially feasible is with new utility net-metering programs


California blackouts shine light on healthcare system's vulnerability

Healthcare today is built on the assumption of steady power


California hospitals powered by generators during power outages

A total of 248 hospitals were located in areas where power was turned off


California wildfires force four Kaiser Permanente hospitals to operate on generators

An outbreak of wildfires in the state prompted Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to shut down power in some areas


Developing a comprehensive utility-failure plan

The partnership between a facilities/engineering staff and the emergency management staff is critical


Is solar power a good Investment for your building?

Solar is making more sense on both owned and leased buildings



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