Information Technology - February 2019

Tapping facility data can help improve maintenance

Campus taps into facility data to improve maintenance and support organizational goals


Jacksonville hospital introduces pharmacy kiosk system

Emergency room patients will have easier access to medications


Google adapts cloud service to work with fax machines

Former Google CEO and chairman said healthcare tech is still in the 'stone age'


Key cybersecurity threats in 2019

Mobile device issues, ransomeware and cloud based-data breaches are a few of the cybersecurity threats healthcare facilities face in 2019


What facilities managers need to know about edge computing

Edge computing, a way to place data closer to its point of use, is moving into all types of commercial buildings


Technology transforming healthcare experience

Someday, sensors might be installed on the windows and HVAC system to allow for operable windows in patient care areas, while still meeting infection control concerns, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Part 3: How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Working with limited resources and building a solid foundation that will enable effective cyber-risk mitigation strategies


Securing the Internet of medical things

Study suggested that there are an average of 164 cyberthreats detected per 1,000 connected host devices


Part 2: How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Properly identifying, assessing and scoring the cyber-risks of medical devices on your network


Nurse-call technologies improving care

Greater integration helps healthcare facility workflow


Highly regulated environment poses challenges to healthcare device innovation

Creating and manufacturing medical devices requires adherence to extensive regulatory standards, research and testing as well as accurate performance analytics to improve the process


How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Unprotected medical devices lead to more occurrences of data breaches and increase the risk to patient safety



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