Maintenance and Operations - April 2019

Medical facility saves time and money by refreshing maternity ward doors

Maternity ward doors suffer from frequent use and required a fresh coat of paint every three months


New York hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian has earned the ASHE Excellence in Health Care Facility Management Award


Study: Electronic health records market to reach $38 billion by 2025

Rising adoption of electronic health record will augment electronic health records industry growth in the upcoming period


How to attract and retain millennial healthcare workers

For recruiters and hiring managers in the notoriously tight healthcare market, it’s a whole new game


Calif. hospital lets kids drive mini cars to surgery

Kids have a choice between a black mini Mercedes and a pink Beetle


Technology supports the patient-centered supply chain, improving outcomes and boosting cost savings

Tech-savvy organizations are finding untapped opportunities in the supply chain


Hospital evacuation linked to botched toilet repair

Difficulty locating the damaged pipe’s shut-off valve has raised concerns about safety protocols


Drones delivering medical samples at N.C. hospital

The partnership is part of a three-year Federal Aviation Administration pilot program to test practical applications for drones


Luxurious maternity hospital includes beauty treatments and new baby gifts

Keiai Hospital in Fujimi City also lends new parents iPads for pictures



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