Information Technology - May 2019

The benefits of patient entertainment systems

Modern patient entertainment systems are a great way of putting patients first


HHS releases healthcare cybersecurity best practices

Guidance includes 10 best practices for mitigating hacking threats


Designing a holistic facilities management plan to protect medical devices

Hospitals can have 10 or more devices per licensed bed, many more than the number of laptop computers


Healthcare cloud computing market to exceed $55 billion by 2025

Rising adoption of information technology (IT) in healthcare sector is the key factor driving healthcare cloud computing market growth during the forecast period


AI can help close data gaps that can allow drug diversion

AI can identify hidden patterns in daily behavior — including time, location, pain scores, and more.


N.Y. facility's technology designed to decrease patient stress

Design team looked for ways to create a calming experience


Boston Children’s Hospital using Alexa to help parents and caregivers

Amazon asked healthcare facilities to test Alexa’s new HIPAA-compliant technology


Location-based technologies: A complete infection control solution

With RTLS solutions, healthcare organizations can track hand hygiene compliance and noncompliance events


Choosing IoT tools for green buildings

Facility managers can create smart buildings with a careful eye on product selection



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