Information Technology - September 2019

What should be included in a networked lighting controls system?

The anatomy of an advanced lighting controls system can seem tricky


Hospitals urged to cooperate to beat hackers

Security frameworks and threat intelligence sharing already exist


Technology helps makes Stanford Hospital safer, more efficient

New facilities features lots of high-tech, but some older systems still remain


Innovation, automation and a 21st Century end-user experience: Aligning expectations with reality

It is incumbent upon IT partners to narrow the gap that exists between reality and expectations


Deadly fungus must spur big changes in infection control

Expert says the best way to prepare for Candida auris is to really examine the culture around infection control in the nursing home


Cybersecurity is a top safety issue for healthcare facilities

Cybersecurity was listed behind severe weather and active shooter incidents


Looking to design a new space? Key considerations in AV technology

Audiovisual technology can be used within a building infrastructure to simply manage routine needs


Florida hospitals install electronic paper patient and room information displays

Hospitals can display information without the glare and blue light of a typical LCD screen


Blockchain technology holds potential of transforming healthcare sector

Blockchain offers better confidentiality of patient information alongside quick access to required data



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