Infection Control - April 2020

Technology applications for infection control

Locating and sensing services enables real-time tracking of medical equipment, staff and patients.


FDA says 4 million N95 masks could be reused

Emergency-use authorizations allow sterilizing and reprocessing N95 masks


Pizza and takeaway donations to UK hospitals could 'compromise' infection control

Officials asked people to stop donating hot and fresh food deliveries as it increased ‘certain risks.’


Flooring company creating personal protective equipment for healthcare workers

So far, two facilities have made 10,000 face shields and 5,000 gowns


Engineering firm produces reusable face shields for DC-area hospitals

Company offers sterile 3D printer patent for COVID applications globally


2,000-bed coronavirus hospital being built in the Colorado Convention Center

Health officials hope to have the beds ready by the end of the month for people recovering from the new coronavirus


Oklahoma hospital sets up tent for potential overflow

The tent is 19 feet wide and 20 feet long with a generator as well as heating and air units.


Michigan zoo donates meals, protective equipment

Binder Park Zoo staff donated medical supplies to Bronson Healthcare


Research examines wastewater to detect community spread of coronavirus

Samples from a wastewater treatment plant serving a large metropolitan area found that the amount of SARS-CoV-2 particles in the sewage samples indicated a far higher number of people likely infected with Covid-19


Minnesota volunteers pitching in making hospital supplies

Volunteers are manufacturing on home 3-D printers


1,000-bed field hospital in Boston accepting coronavirus patients

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center transformed to temporary medical space


Shuttered N.C. hospital reopened to deal with coronavirus overflow

The former Sandhills Regional Medical Center has rooms for 49 patients but could take up to 60 or 65


Rhode Island is converting a former Lowe’s store into a coronavirus hospital

As many as 624 beds will be set up in the 140,000-square-foot building


UV light offered to sterilize face masks for healthcare workers

Hospitals aren’t ready to jump on board yet


COVID-19 reinventing how healthcare providers use mobile medical vehicles and RVs

Healthcare facilities are using specialty vehicles that are already built and upfitted for various medical uses and repurposing them to provide frontline support


South Carolina expanding hospital capacity for coronavirus with three-tier plan

The surge plan is based on projections of 3,500 coronavirus patients being hospitalized in early May


McCormick Place hospital ready to accept patients this week

The facility includes 500 negative pressure tents


Army Corps scales back size of field hospital in suburban Detroit

A 250-bed facility will be built inside the convention hall instead of the original 1,100-bed plan


McCormick Place field hospital built in 5 days

Chicago convention center will eventually have 3,000 beds


Soldiers, engineers building field hospital for coronavirus patients in Detroit

The upper floor will accommodate patients who require oxygen, but not a ventilator


L.A. clinics lack safety supplies as coronavirus spreads

Facilities for the poor continue to face a shortage of test kits and medical equipment


Transmission bacteria linked to hospital sink drain

Two patients with NDM-1 Klebsiella pneumoniae had stayed in the same room


California children's hospital adds plexiglass protection to ER

Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego is seeing a drastic drop in the number of Emergency Room visits


Inspections expected to focus on infection control, emergency preparedness

The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General is expected to add COVID-19 topics to its annual work plan


New study demonstrates accuracy of Legionella detection test

Regular testing for Legionella pneumophila is the only way to be certain that a water management plan is working properly to prevent patient exposure


Pandemic preparedness: How hospitals can adapt buildings to address worst-case scenarios

A Canadian healthcare architect looks at how hospital staff can act now to modify facilities and contain a pandemic


Minnesota plans 2,750 hospital beds for ‘alternate care sites’

One site considered is a shuttered private prison in western Minnesota


A 250-bed field hospital is being built inside Massachusetts’ DCU Center

Photo tour of construction posted on


CDC studies show drop in MDR bacteria, C diff in US hospitals

Infections caused by four multidrug-resistant organisms decreased in US hospitals from 2012 through 2017


Plumbing strategies to reduce HAIs

Bacteria lurking in the plumbing pipes and fixtures can contribute to HAIs


CDC director says: 'This virus is going to be with us'

Re-embracing social distancing may be necessary


Librarian using 3-D printer to make equipment for healthcare workers

Public library’s printer is being used to create respirator masks


3M says not sharing N95 masks could make the shortage worse

Millions of respirators are surfacing, but healthcare workers say they need more


Ford, GE Healthcare to produce 50,000 ventilators by July

Car maker is using design from small tech company


Nurses using baby monitors in the ICU

Healthcare workers want to limit risky interactions and preserve equipment already in short supply


Minnesota looking for temporary hospital space

Officials are looking for large, vacant spaces


Union alleges Calif. hospital risked coronavirus spread to workers

Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center in Riverside sent at least 10 employees home because they came in contact with a patient who had symptoms of coronavirus


Study says construction industry masks can be used for healthcare

Elastomeric half-mask respirators (EHMRs) provide the same level of infection protection as N95 respirators


South Carolina hospitals set up outdoor tents to curb coronavirus spread

At Conway Medical Center, emergency patients entering through the emergency department now have to be screened in an outdoor tent before entering


During a pandemic, hospital staffers urged to get better at hand-washing

Specific hand-hygiene standards for doctors, nurses and hospital staff are needed


New York's Javits Center to be one of the largest hospitals in the country

There will be nearly 3,000 beds available


Lessons from China’s temporary hospitals

The temporary hospitals are 10 times less expensive than building a new comprehensive COVID-19 care hospital


Study: C. diff not affected by ultraviolet disinfection devices

Measuring the effectiveness of UV can be difficult


CMS has redefined a hospital to include tents and dorm rooms

Hospital safety rules relaxed amid coronavirus


US military is working to convert N.Y. buildings into hospitals in three or four weeks

The US Army Corps of Engineers is retrofitting hotels and dormitories


Chicago’s McCormick Place to be turned into hospital

City may be ‘hot spot’ for COVID-19


Healthcare workers’ masks donated by Facebook were stockpiled after wildfires

Many healthcare facilities’ frontline workers don’t have the proper protective equipment


Newly approved machine can decontaminate 80,000 respirator masks a day

The decontamination system uses vapor phase hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate the masks


Healthcare facilities in Nebraska are experimenting with new equipment disinfecting technique

Ultraviolet light is being used to decontaminate medical supplies at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha


Coronavirus will affect not-for-profit hospitals for the longterm

Many hospitals are canceling profitable elective surgeries


Shuttered hospitals reopening as COVID-19 spreads

State and local governments across the nation are rushing to reopen facilities



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