Safety - January 2021

OSHA-Approved State Standards Help Curtail COVID-19 Cases

In lieu of federal OSHA standards, 28 states have implemented their own emergency standards


Healthcare Facilities at Risk for COVID-Related Fines, Litigation

Failure to protect employees from COVID-19 could cost facilities thousands of dollars


Biden Asks OSHA To Review Healthcare Worker Safety

Agency to issue revised guidance on safety during pandemic within next two weeks


Amid Vaccine Rollout, PPE Shortage Continues

Requests to one collection group increased by 200 percent between November and December


Hospitals Fined $184K Over Worker Infections

Two hospitals fined for failing to report when employees were infected with COVID-19


Healthcare Facilities Addressing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is about four times more prevalent in healthcare than in other industries


CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule Improves Hospital Response

Rule mandates emergency planning and support with an emphasis on communication


Four Most Frequent COVID-related OSHA Citations

By knowing the common citations, employers can better ensure they are protecting their workers


OSHA Offers Tips on Safety with Dry Ice

Super-cold blocks of carbon dioxide keep temperamental vaccines at the right temperature


VA’s Struggle with PPE One of Many Issues

VA had no reliable tracking system for what hospitals have, what they need or what was expired


Nashville Explosion Hampers Hospital Operations

Blast affected connection points for regional internet services and local wireless, internet and video



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